In My Life… Facebook Friends? 

In my life I have so many questions, ideas, thoughts that seldom get to be heard. When I do share the important things, it’s with people I trust. I’m starting to feel, it doesn’t matter much anymore. People don’t care what I feel, they just wanna see if they can like my photo or comment on my status. Or better yet, see who I’m dating. Let me explain some more…. 

Yes, I do post things on social media. However, the deep stuff or big problems I don’t post. Lately, I’ve noticed how much technology can hinder all of us. We’ve all become so engrossed into seeing others daily lives that we lack social communication. I admit I dont talk to most of my “FB friends”. I almost wish I lived back before cell phones- I know, scary right?! But let’s be real here; how many of you care about all 751 Facebook friends in a serious way? Do you really mean that “like”? Or are you one of those people who likes every post on your newsfeed? Maybe you should take the time to read them all. But isn’t that insane?! Yes, it’s crazy but at least honest. 

This post all started with me noticing that one of my old friends from high school wasn’t my “friend” on Facebook anymore. My first thought was why? Did I do something wrong? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve deleted people before who’ve been ridiculous with posts, tags, etc. Usually, those people I barely knew. And there were rare high school alumni too, but not many. For example, when Gay marriage was announced as allowed a couple months ago I posted this:  

 Suprisingly, I got a lot of responses in agreement with my thoughts. Anyways…. 

Feeling a little bummed, I requested her back but got declined. My next thought was “Wow, I’m messed up. People really don’t want to know what I’m doing.” I know, I exaggerate easily. Now, feeling unwanted, I’m not sure how to take it. How many more deleted me? Should I care this much?! As I write this, I’m getting more of the “I don’t give a flying f**k” feeling. It’s mainly annoying. 

To be more honest, who are we trying to kid here? I don’t really have 673 “friends” in our tiny town. Some aren’t from here but the ones that are, I dont see most of them. Who does? Even when you do, if your not close, there’s always that awkward “Hi” like this…. 

And don’t even try to say that you can meet new singles on Facebook or Instagram. How lame are we? We barely go out! Some people only post about their pets or their food…. Wtf? I get the pets- I’m one of those. But the food? I like crap that tastes good, nobody else needs to see it!! If we aren’t careful, we will decline fast as humans. We might as well be cavemen again! 

I think we could at least be more honest & proactive as “friends”. That’s what friends do right? They are there for each other. If people took this seriously, I wonder how many messages I would get just to see how I am? I know I have sent a few. Some people message back for a few minutes than drop off the face of the earth but are still online. Rude! If your busy ok, but tell me! I won’t care! I just don’t wanna think I pissed you off or you hate me. Feelings are still important ya know! 

In short, Facebook = Unnecessary Drama In My Life

Do I need it? No. Will I delete Facebook? Probably not. But I will post less. I’m already making progress! I post less statuses unless they are fricken hilarious! Maybe we all should step back a bit. Hopefully, we can care for our “friends” more too- no matter how long it’s been since you’ve talked. You never know when someone just needs to talk to you or anyone… 


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