Sales Associate Diaries #1

Since I’m STILL working in retail, I figured I’d start a new kind of post; sharing what really happens in this job. I have plenty stories to share since this is my 3rd year. However, this first one takes the cake! 

 First off, I work at a small Retail store- who’s name shouldn’t be mentioned- in my hometown. What happens here seems to be pretty extreme. On the other hand, these similar stories could happen at other retail/corporate stores too. Ours just happens to be near a riverbed where all the homeless live…. Nice, huh? No, not really. If any of you have worked retail, you know what we go through. 
So here’s the story of this last weekend….

To start, we were really busy the entire weekend. We had great sales and our Friends & Family coupon started on Sunday. But let’s start with Saturday night

The day had been good and busy of course. I was working in the women’s department all weekend so I had tons of “go-backs” or clothes to put away. It was about 45 minutes till we closed and we still had some customers shopping. We had a short blond lady come in & look at the men’s Levi’s. For some annoying reason, our store doesn’t get the women’s Levi’s jeans. Ever. We are too small I guess? So it’s not unusual if some women shop in that area for themselves or even their husbands. She grabbed 4 pairs and a shirt. Then she quickly went into my smaller fitting room. It has only 2 rooms to try clothes on. 

Barley 3 minutes later, my co-worker- who was in jewelry- went in there to see if I had any go-backs. We like to help each other out so we can all leave on time. As I’m closing a register, she runs out and says to me, “You need to go in there. Now.” I say, “Why? What’s wrong?!” “I walked in on the lady in there with her pants down!” she says. So I go in there and check the other room & then ask if anyone is in there. “Yes I’m in here,” says the blonde. I reply with, “Ok, just checking. Just so you know ma’am we close in a few minutes.” “Ok fine!” says the lady. So I walk out but hang out by the door. Then I started to hear this weird sound, followed by a sound of her pulling her pants up to leave. She walks out and I smile and she gives me a pissed smirk. At this point she has 2 Levi’s in her arms and a bulging purse. I go in to check the room because that’s what we usually do when we suspect someone trying to steal. I go in and there’s no pants, just the shirt hanging up. Then I look at there’s a big wet spot on the ground. I didn’t have time to react, I thought maybe she broke an ink tag trying to get it off? I left the room to go follow her. By that point she was up front in Men’s and it was out of my hands. 

While ringing up a customer, I hear some yelling up front. When we finished, I ran up front to see what happened. My manager said that she saw the blonde make the other 2 pants “disappear” in men’s. Then she asked the blonde lady for her receipt for the other Levi’s that were very obviously in her purse. The blonde lady respond with, “No. I’m homeless!!” And then she ran out. Really? As if that is a good excuse. No way!!  

Pissed off and tired, we locked the doors at closing time and sped through the department to see if there were clothes that needed to be straightened. My same co-worker went and checked that room again. She comes back out after a few minutes and says, “Ya know what that lady was doing when I walked in??” I stare at her blankly. She says, “She was peeing!!” Wtf?! I didn’t believe it. But there it was; a big, wet, puddle of human piss. My manager & co-worker sprayed it and put paper towels down. It was soaked!! Here’s a photo I took the next day… 

Granted, the floor isn’t that clean to begin with. In fact, we almost think it’s happened before. Here’s a close up of the spot the blonde made. Look for the circle…   

Pretty dam disgusting right?! I mean, who in their right mind would do that crap? It’s NOT a bathroom!! And the worst part about it is that she got away with stealing two pairs of pants too! We didn’t have time to call the cops. And when they do come, there’s usually nothing they can do unless we get a license plate number. All I can say is I’m glad she didn’t poop in there too…
Now let’s talk about Sunday…

I closed Sunday night as well so when I came in, my department was a mess. The girl who opened called in and the “helper” is a little slow at go-backs. However, it was a very busy day too. She was stuck at the register most of the day. 

I go into the big fitting rooms we have- which has 1 giant room & 4 small ones with a big mirror- and I find this….  

 Really? This isn’t even in a room, it’s outside by the big mirror. Now, I get it if kids did it. On the other hand, why didn’t their parents at least hang it up?! I had a rack in there where you-as a customer- hang up the items you don’t want. Is it that hard?! Even if they aren’t hung up and they are just in the basket is better than this! I always think to myself: Do you do this at home in your room?! What are we teaching our kids if you don’t make them clean up this mess in public? Or worse, when you don’t clean up their mess either! Is it that hard to pick up? 
Not even 10 minutes later, after I hauled all those kids clothes out, I walk back in and a lady was trying on stuff with her door open! Wtf?! What’s the point of using the room if your just gonna expose yourself anyways? That lady was in there for a half an hour! At least she bought most of it and didn’t steal…. 

When I was on my lunch with several others, my good friend & manager comes in and says, “I’m so mad right now!” We all ask why. She goes on to tell us that since one of our co-workers from Saturday took a rack from lingerie (and never returned it), people thought that fitting room was open. Which it is ALWAYS CLOSED. We have nobody working back there, ergo no one cleaning it out every few minutes. My manager went in there to get go-backs and found that someone probably let their kid pee in that big fitting room too! Wtf is wrong with people?! I get it if it was an accident but tell someone! Then we will clean it up faster! It may be embarrassing but it doesn’t matter to us who have to clean it or deal with it. 

 It smelled and it was insane. I dont know how people do this. Do they have morals? Were they potty trained?! I’m starting to think everyone is crazy. The fact that it happened two days in a row was even more ridiculous. 

I know this was a gross story but the world needs to read it. This is NOT how we act at home. Why should we be this way in public? All stores have bathrooms. It’s a necessity. Also, why should we leave new clothes on these dirty ass floors? If you buy them, you better wash them. You never know where they’ve been or what they’ve touched. I know the messy clothes happens at other stores but who knows if they’ve had people pee in their fitting rooms! 

Now you know, you never know if the floor in a fitting room is clean or incredibly dirty. So please be careful! Oh and please be cleaner! Associates are humans too. We don’t wanna clean up your mess even if it is our job. You obviously don’t wanna clean your own mess up either. So think about this blog the next time you try clothes on in any store. 

Thanks for reading! 
* All photos were taken by me when I was off the clock in our store.


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