Colors of The Wind~*~ August

When I think of August I first think of school. Then I think of autumn and the beautiful colors of the trees. This month’s color for this photo blog is Red. Take a look…

Red like my glowing drink from California Adventure last month. Hey, we all need a drink now and then!

The seats at Pageant of the Masters in Laguna beach are red too! Coincidentally, I have another drink in my hand… Hmm…


This lovely flower was at the San Diego Zoo. It really fits in with the “wild” theme. This zoo is home to thousands of plants that were endangered. Now they aren’t because the zoo continues to grow more!


Lastly, red like this sign for the Panda Trek at the same zoo. Surprisingly, it is a super long line to see these beautiful creatures. They were a lot of fun to see too. And they were actually awake!

Thanks for reading/viewing my monthly photo post! Can’t wait for the next month…. September.

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