Updates.. & more Updates!

This week has been pretty busy! I’ve had a lot of work, and some stress too I guess. So here is a short post on some updates in my life…


Jewelry Shop Update!! 

First off, I have uploaded some new items online. Including this beautiful bracelet above! I made one of these for myself I loved it so much! There’s more bracelets, necklaces & even Disney Jewelry! So check it out now! Both on Etsy & Storenvy.com. The links are here: 



Work Update 

I might be getting another dance teaching job… I used to teach at a small school once a week. I did it for 2 years so I might get that job again! Or, if I’m lucky I might get to work at the bigger local schools! That is, if they can’t find more people. I’ve been dancing my whole life so I know what I’m doing! Plus I teach at the dance studio. The deal with the bigger school is that I’m not certified so they don’t want to hire me. They’ve hired my bosses who are certified. Hopefully I’m lucky cuz it would be more hours. 

This new job would also get me less hours at JCPennys. Which would be just fine! Maybe I could work the truck and I wouldn’t mind working there more… Who knows!

Well, that’s it! Thanks for reading! I’m working on another Disney Animals List. It’ll take me a while so stay posted on my blog!! 

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