Single Life For the Modern 2o-Something Woman

This one’s for all the single ladies…. 

Excuse all the pictures of me, I have no single friends. Just me. 

 Let’s be honest, being single has it’s ups and downs. However, if your in a relationship right now, you have it good. Trust me!  

 Some people like to say to me-and many other single 20-something’s- “You’re lucky! You can do what you want & have fun!” But really, how is being alone for a while fun? It’s true, I can go anywhere I want without a guy dictating my decision. That is IF I go out… Most of the time I have no motivation to go places by myself. Come on ladies, let’s get real! If you let your man tell you when & where to go everyday, you might have some problems. Unless you like that sort of bossy/Christian Grey thing. Than you go girl! I know I couldn’t do that. Ever. 

Is it just me that feels like it sucks ass to be single right now? Maybe it’s just the timing. ALL my friends are in relationships so it’s hard to hang out with some of them. It really depends on the week & their schedule. Because honestly, my calendar is more blank than theirs. And we all work. Plus, it is very hard being one of the only single girls in the group. I often feel left out, depressed & even sad in tears at times. Don’t we ALL need girl time? Ever? I guess that’s just me… Again. 
Well, enough about my life. Let’s get onto the real topic about today’s dating trends. I know most girls know what they like or what they’re looking for- sort of. Beggars can’t be choosers. Besides going to bars or getting a blind date from a friend, it’s hard to even find a single guy. I’m still new at the adult dating scene- aka, not high school crap. The last couple guys I’ve met have been from parties & most likely will never stick. So how am I supposed to meet a good one who wants the same as me? Lately, everyone in my town who I went to school with is in relationships, engaged, just married or pregnant! Things are not what they used to be “back in the day.” I mean, do people at age 22 even go out anymore? No, I’m not talking about the frat friends or sorority girls either-no offense. Maybe it’s the small town I’m in! And I’m not overreacting. Unlike half of my town, I didn’t stay friends with everyone from high school. Too. Much. DRAMA! 

 In this century, the preferred ways to “meet someone” is to go online; use a dating app, Facebook or worse- Snapchat! I have Snapchat, yes. Do I use it everyday? Hell no! I’ll be honest, I sometimes try and I just can’t. Why? Because all I get to see are cars, girls half naked or drunk, guys half naked & drunk or just babies! I don’t need to see that. Nobody on there who’s single is looking for a relationship. It’s more like stalking people without them knowing or caring. If you have it, you know what I’m talking about. Then again, Facebook is the same just with more words. And it never goes away. 

   There’s all kinds of apps like Tinder where you meets local singles and like them or not. They never know if you don’t like them. That’s the same with OK Cupid, Clover & Coffee Meets Bagel. And of course you look at the ratings and most of them are 4 stars. None of them met the love of their life on there! And yes, I’ve tried one or two of these apps; they are ok. I had some great conversations with guys.. That’s it. The ONE guy I met in person was NOT what I expected. It was creepy. I’ll never be doing that again! 

Oddly, I seem to lately meet people at work. I do work in the Men’s Department 98% of the shifts I have. I have to share this moment I had last week. It really boosted my confidence & my day!  

 This was a rare moment. In retail, things like this don’t happen. But I am starting to believe in fate again. Slowly, but surely. 
Lastly, I do like my space. One of my last true relationships was on and off and started in high school. Now that I’ve had all this alone time, I’ve figured out who I am. I also know what I need, want and don’t want. And that goes for jobs, friends & food too. Not just in guys! Now, I can worry about others, mostly including my family. Yes, I can do what I want whenever I want. But I like to plan things. I want to do more with more people! More friends or people that I should get to know better. I’m not saying everyday, just more than once every 3 months. Just come and get me! I’m just waiting for someone to ask me because I’ve asked enough times. In terms of guys, we all want someone nice. I want someone who speaks their mind, who cares for others, makes time and likes family. Mine is pretty big so he better like it! I don’t need big gifts I just want to be able to fall asleep on someone again. I want to cuddle and I may need massages with the jobs I have. I want to be told “It’ll be ok” when things turn to shit and I want to be kissed everyday. Every girl deserves that……… Right?? 

In the end, why should I worry about guys if I like my space right now? Because I need some interaction. I need change & fun. Maybe another relationship? Even if it’s not the one, it’s fine! I’m just tired of waiting and I’m very impatient. LOL 

In simpler terms for the men reading: 

     I’m doing me. If you want me, come get me. But I have limits… NO random hookups, alcoholics or bullshit. No girl ever enjoyed “whisky dick”! DO NOT call me for a “good time” at midnight. Period.

Thank you for reading! Follow my blog if you haven’t already!

*All photos from Google or by me. 

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