Disney Animals List: Dogs

Ever wonder about all the Disney Animated Dogs? Ever think you could count them all- on one hand? Sorry, that will never happen. But I can tell you the exact number of them AND their names & movies! You ready? It’s a long list so let’s get crackin’!

Now surprisingly, there were no dogs (besides Pluto & Goofy) in any movies until the 5th one in 1941. Pluto- along with Mickey & his other friends- aren’t included in these lists since they all started out on TV before Walt Disney started creating movies. (That also goes for the Goofy movies.) Plus, we know all of them already! I’m talking about all the classic movies, and most of the newer stuff too. There are a few movies I never saw in the early 2000s so if there’s animals from them I missed, please comment & tell me! I will not be offended. But on all the other classics and such, I know what I’m doing. 😉

1) Hyena Family- Dumbo (1941). I’ll admit it, I totally forgot about these guys. But they were cute & they are considered dogs… circus dogs to be exact. Lol!

2) Pack of Hunting Dogs- Bambi (1942). Yes, these were the first real dogs in Disney movies. They were drawn to look pretty mean and coincidentally attack before a forest fire! They chase Feline & Bambi has to save her. See how mean they are?! These guys were also seen again in Mr. Toad.

On another note, I think they seriously changed their designs of dogs later. This was only their 6th film.

3) Bruno- Cinderella (1950). Now Bruno is a way cuter dog. He has more of a ‘Pluto’ vibe. Not to mention he seems pretty easy to care for. If I were Cinderella, I would’ve let him try to catch Lucifer WAY sooner! That cat was crazy!

4) Broom Dog- Alice In Wonderland (1951). This is a funky dog, but it is! It’s part broom, part dog. Pretty cute!

5) Nana- Peter Pan (1953). Nana is my favorite! I nicknamed my grandma  ‘Nana’ after watching this movie as a baby. It stuck and everyone calls her that! She was just like the dog in the movie– kind, caring, always watching the kids(me), and was always cleaning! I do wish Nana learned to fly….

6) Lady- Lady & the Tramp (1955). Lady is the cute family cocker-spaniel who is also the main character. With her cute & quiet demeanor, she is a very cute dog. And she falls in love with our next character…..

7) Tramp- Lady & the Tramp (1955). Tramp was a street-wise stray dog who always got outta trouble. Lady caught his eye and he did everything for her. It really is one of the best love stories out there! Their lives changed at the end of the film and they had puppies! (We’ll talk about them later.. With more photos)

8) Jaque- Lady & the Tramp (1955).  Jaque (I think I spelled it right) was one of the neighborhood dogs that Lady befriended. He is small, cute & has an Irish accent?? He cares for Lady, Trusty, and he likes to hide bones well!

9) Trusty- Lady & the Tramp (1955). Trusty is the neighborhood blood hound who basically saves Tramp in the end. He used to track criminals and Jaque thinks the Trusty lost his smell. Trusty proves him wrong after tracking the Dog Catcher truck before it-and Tramp- reached the pound.

10) Pound Dogs- Lady & the Tramp (1955). When Lady gets put in the pound, she meets a few dogs in there. Here’s all of them, Ladies first….

First there’s Peg. She sings the song “He’s a Tramp” and tries to calm Lady Down.

Then there’s Toughy, he makes fun of Tramp’s former girlfriends & jokes about Lady too.

Boris, the canine philosopher who’s smart, kind & tall!

Pedro, a chihuahua who’s sister dated Tramp!…. He thinks.

Bull, a bull dog who looks tough but is more comical to me.

And lastly, Dachsie, the dachshund who tries to dig all the dogs out while the others “sing” or howl to distract the humans running the place. Here’s a group picture of them….

11) Pongo- 101 Dalmatians (1961). Pongo is the main Dalmatian in this film. This was my favorite movie when I was little!! Pongo gets his “pet”, Roger, to fall in love with a woman- Anita- in the park. She has another Dalmatian who is our next character. Pongo is tough, smart & cares for his family.

12) Perdita- 101 Dalmatians (1961). Perdita- Perdi for short- falls for Pongo & his sly moves. She is kind & quiet. Together, they have 15 puppies! After the puppies were stolen, they opened their home to more puppies- making the total number of dogs 101.

13) Puppies- 101 Dalmatians (1961). Here are the original 15 puppies & their personalities…

Lucky was the puppy that Roger revived. Poor thing almost died and in turn, is the runt of the group.

Patch is a tough pup with a black spot on his eye.

Rolly is the fat pup who’s always hungry!! In a very cute way.

Penny is one of the girl pups who thinks nobody is tougher than her dad.

Pepper is one of the other girl puppies.

Spot is one of the boy puppies and loves to watch the TV show with Thunderbolt! The rest of them didn’t do much in the movie, so here are their names….

Jewel, Cadpig, Two-Tone, Freckles, Dipstick, Hoover, Fidget, Rover, & Sparky. 

Thank god I didn’t try to name all the other puppies! Here’s the lovely family..

14) Danny & little dog- 101 Dalmatians (1961). Danny is the Great Dane who meets the Pongos and informs them where their puppies have been taken. He also starts the “Twilight Bark” chain. The little white dog is the one who asks Danny what the barking is when we first see him. I believe he lives in the same building.

These two start the beginning of the barking chain. We see two dogs that were in the park the day Pongo met Perdi. There are also several cameo appearances of dogs from Lady & the Tramp. But that is for another post entirely!

15) Touser- 101 Dalmatians (1961). Will we ever finish this movie?! It had the most dogs in it compared to other movies in general. Touser is the country dog-who’s friends with a goose- who sends the barking chain message to the Colonel.

16) Colonel- 101 Dalmatians (1961). The Colonel is the old dog who receives the message last. He, the cat & horse help rescue the puppies from Hell Hall. He was a funny dog and I will never forget him!

17) Collie & Labrador- 101 Dalmatians (1961). The Collie gives the Pongos & puppies shelter for a night. The cows in his barn also give them fresh milk. The Labrador is the black dog who finds them all a ride home on the truck. He helps them the most in my opinion. Here’s a picture of all the dogs who help the Pongos in order….

18) Castle Dogs- Sword In the Stone (1963). These two big dogs give Arthur(Wart) love when he comes in the castle. They are just so lovable!

19) Skinny Wolf- Sword In the Stone (1963). This wolf is SO FUNNY! He always tries to eat the Wart, and misses terribly. I have always loved this movie.

20) Rama, Akeela & Wolf Pack – The Jungle Book (1967). Mowgli is left to be raised by a family of wolves. Rama & his wife raised him as their own. Clearly, they love him like a son too! Akeela & the wolf council decide that Mowgli isn’t safe for the pack once the feared tiger arrives.

21) Napolean & Lafyette- The Aristocats (1970). These two were some of the funniest. Napolean is a black dog who runs the property. He’s the leader so he tells Lafyette what to do. Lafyette is a small hound who follows Napolean but gives him a hard time too. They do a great job chasing of Edgar!

22) Otto- Robin Hood (1973). Otto was the dog with the “busted leg”. The Sherrif beats his foot to collect his tax money.

23) Sherrif of Nottingham – Robin Hood (1973). I think he’s a wolf? Or maybe a really fat Cayote? Anyways, he isn’t nice, likes taxes and works for the whimpy King. Need I say more??

24) Dog at Arrow Range- Robin Hood (1973). There is a dog in the archery competition who blows his hair out of the way before he shoots. He looks like a yellow lab.

25) Copper- The Fox & the Hound (1981). Copper starts out as a cute pup who becomes friends with a fox. We watch him grow up and change in many ways. Even when he’s a hunting dog, in the end he shows his friendship matters more. This story was one I would always watch.  He also was in Fox & the Hound 2 which showed him in his pup years.

 26) Chief- The Fox & the Hound (1981). Chief teaches Copper how to hunt & listen to their master. I have to say, I feel bad for him. He had a nice life alone. Then comes in this new kid who stole his thunder, hunts better, and causes Chief to get hit by a train! You can’t teach an old dog new tricks I guess. Chief was also in the Fox & the Hound 2 for a small portion.

27) Toby- The Great Mouse Detective (1986). Toby is one of my FAVORITE dogs in one of THE BEST movies. Toby was trained by Basil- or even Sherlock Holmes himself- to sniff out any bad guy. He also likes tiny cheese crumpets. What a cutie!


28) Doger- Oliver & Company (1988). Doger is a cool, sly dog who knows everything about New York. He lives in Fagins band of dogs and seems like the leader. Doger also has a loving side that he doesn’t flaunt often. He is personally, my favorite in this movie.

 29) Rita- Oliver & Company (1988). Rita is the only female dog in Fagin’s group. But she’s pretty tough! She’s got that true, New Yorker vibe. Not to mention she’s naturally pretty.

30) Tito- Oliver & Company (1988). Tito is the funny Mexican Chihuahua who is also a flirt. He likes to dance and is small. The group uses him to get into small spaces.

31) Einstein- Oliver & Company (1988). Einstein isn’t the smartest Great Dane around. But he is very lovable and funny.

32) Francis- Oliver & Company (1988). Francis is a bull dog who loves Shakespeare. He is dramatic and thinks he is a supreme actor.

33) Georgette- Oliver & Company (1988). Georgette is the prize winning poodle at Jenny’s house. She’s all that, beautiful, and always primped. Tito  starts flirting with her but she ignores him until he “saves her life” in the end. Georgette brings great comedy to the film. Here is a photo of the whole gang, including Georgette..

 34) Desoto & Roscoe- Oliver & Company (1988). Desoto(blue collar) is one of the vicious twin Dobermans owned by Sykes. He holds a grudge but listens to his master. And he HATES cats. Roscoe(red collar) is the other twin. He thinks he’s all that! He also has a crush on Rita but she’s disgusted by him. He seems to be more of the joking-bully type while Desoto will actually hunt you down.


35) Max- The Little Mermaid (1989). Max is Prince Eric’s playful & loving dog. He’s fluffy and is the only one to notice Ariel on the ship & the first one after she gets legs. He also knows that “Vanessa” is bad. He is also in The Little Mermaid 2. 

36) Wolf Pack- Beauty & the Beast (1991). This crazy wolf pack attacked Belle & luckily, the Beast saved her. This was a pivotal point in the story.

37) Footstool- Beauty & the Beast (1991). This guy was cute. Before the curse on the castle, he was a dog! During the curse, he was an upbeat footstool! Poor guy got brought into the spell. Here’s a curse before & after photo…

 38) Zero- The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993). Zero is technically a dead dog’s ghost. He’s very cute and his nose glows! He has become Jack’s dog in Halloween-town.

39) The Hyenas: Bonzi, Shanzi & Ed- The Lion King (1994). Hyenas are technically wild dogs. So these guys count! Plus, they are SO FUNNY! Here’s my favorite line because I’m a dork and can’t help it…

Shanzi: “Tell me about, I just hear the name and I shutter.”

Bonzi: “Mufasa”

Shanzi: “Ooh! … Do it again!”

Bonzi: ” Mufas, Mufasa MUFASA” (as Ed laughs in the background)

40) Percy- Pocahontas (1995). Percy starts out as Radcliffe’s fancy dog. He likes his space and is very preppy. He and Meeko start out as enemies, but become friends. In the end, he stays with Meeko & Pocahontas in the tribe. We also see him in Pocahontas II: Journey to A New World. 

41) Slinky- Toy Story (1995). Slinky the dog!! He’s an awesome toy who helps save the day too. (I love him in the Toy Story 2 bloopers with his butt lol. If you haven’t seen it, look it up!)

42) Spike- Toy Story (1995). Spike is the mean dog next door to Andy’s house. He eats toys for breakfast. I don’t think his family likes him much either.

43) Little Brother- Mulan (1998). This pup is so adorable! We only see him in the beginning, but he helps Mulan with her chores. How cute is that?!

44) Buster- Toy Story 2 (1999). Buster is Andy’s dog that he gets at Christmas in the end of Toy Story. Now, he knows the toys rule and even helps Woody out.  We also see him in Toy Story 3 when he’s too old & fat to play. But he’s best in this movie!

45) Scamp- Lady & the Tamp II: Scamp’s Adventure (2001). Scamp is one of Lady & Tramp’s puppies. He’s the only boy and looks exactly like Tramp. In a movie about him, he wants to be a wild dog. But he doesn’t know his father was one- or how tough it is. In the end, he wises up and comes home…. After falling in love!

46) The Triplets- Lady & the Tramp II.. These are the pups who look just like Lady! They are sassy and behave all the time. Their names are Danielle, Colette & Annette. I love how they talk trash about Scamp for misbehaving. So funny!

47) Angel- Lady & the Tramp II.. Angel is a street wise pup who calls Scamp “Tenderfoot”. She even has a fluffy tail! Angel starts out as part of Buster’s band of stray dogs. However, all she wants is a home. Her and Scamp fall in love and in the end, she movies into Scamp’s home. Why not? They have enough dogs right?

 48) Buster- Lady & the Tramp II… Yes, we have 2 Busters on the list. This one is a Rottweiler who runs the streets. His story is that him & Tramp used to run it together. He’s still angry that Tramp chose Lady over him years ago. In the end, he’s left alone while his “pals” go get homes.

49) Buster’s Junk Yard Dogs- Lady & the Tramp II.. Here is busters Junk Yard dogs by name. I’ll give a little visual description too..

Mooch: Big hearted Sheep Dog who’s not the smartest.

Francois: Another one?! He’s a small Boston Terrier with a French accent. He even throws some attitude here and there.

Sparky & Scratchy: Two old timer strays who know old folk tales about Tramp. They look the same, just different colors.

Ruby: Fancier lady dog who likes Scamp.. A lot.

Reggie: A monstrous dog who isn’t technically part of the group but he is a stray. He also thinks he can kill anyone.

50) Nana Two- Return to Neverland (2002). Nana Two is clearly one of the original Nana’s puppies. She looks just like her! Except, she has a more adventurous side and hangs out with Jane, Wendy’s daughter. And no, she doesn’t get to fly either!

51) Stitch- Lilo & Stitch (2002). I know he isn’t technically a dog… But STILL, he is a cute Alien acting like a dog! There are also a few other dogs he freaks out in the pound. This us one of my favorite movies.

52) Dr. Doppler – Treasure Planet (2002). Yes, 3 movies with dogs in them in one year. At this time, Disney was producing several ‘2’ movies. So… Again, Dr. Doppler is a alien sub-species of dog. He still counts! And that galaxy is the only one where cats & dogs can be together. Interesting, right?

53) Bolt- Bolt (2008). Wow! What a time gap. Once again, there were several more ‘2’ movies. Any that were sequels of movies above, includes the dogs in them. Now, Bolt was a cute dog who thought he had real super powers. Then he gets separated from his owner and learns he isn’t powerful at all; he’s lost. He finds his family and starts being a normal dog too.

54) Stella- The Princess & the Frog (2009). Stella is Charlotte’s dog that her rich father bought her. Stella is cute, a little chubby & likes Tiana.

55) Dug- Up (2009). Dug is the “outcast” dog in Charles Muntz’s guard dogs. And all the dogs talk!! He likes Mr. Fredrickson & stays with him during the journey. Here is Dug….

56) Alpha & Crew- Up (2009). Alpha is the lead dog, and his talking collar has issues. He also has 2 dogs who go everywhere with him- I forgot their names. Here’s a picture.

57) Sparky – Frankenweenie (2012). Now I only saw this movie once and I balled my eyes out so here it is. Sparky is this kids dog and right in the beginning, he gets hit by a car. The boy tries to bring him back to life and it works! It’s bittersweet that he comes back to life. Leave it to Tim Burton to make us cry!

58) King’s Greyhounds- Brave (2012). King Fergus has 2 giant greyhounds I believe. They tend to get in his face, lick him a lot, and follow him around the castle. They are pretty cute!

59) White Wolves- Frozen (2013). These wolves live in the snowy mountain. I wanna know how Elsa missed them….?

60) Timber Wolf Gaurds- Zootopia (2016). “Timber wolves. Look at these dumb dumbs. Betcha ones of theme gonna howl.” Thanks Nick Wilde, nuff said. Hahaha but really, it perfectly describes them! There are also a couple other wolves in the film, including in the group of cops.

61) Dante- Coco (2017). Dante is the newest & FUNNIEST dog added to Pixar. I love the commercial he’s in. And the movie is so good!

Well that’s the end of this long list of all the Disney Dogs! That took a while… I can’t believe there’s now over 60!! This does not include animated shorts or live films. These lists are just the movies, otherwise Pluto & Old Yeller would be in here as well.

Thank you for reading! The photos were all from Google except the one above, that I took! The links below helped me get names of dogs for a few movies that had way too many to remember. And the 3rd link is the list of All Disney Animated movies ever! They’ve helped a lot in making these animals lists, so please visit them.

Last updated: 4/6/2022

Animal Names Lists: http://www.animationsource.org/lady_tramp/en/info_chars/&id_film=25


Animated Disney Movie List:  http://www.disneymovieslist.com/animated-disney-movies.asp

**If you are looking for other animal lists, my other one is all the Disney Cats! I’ll be making a few more soon. My next list: Disney Horses! That one will be very fun to make. All of these lists are great. Please share & follow the blog!


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