Go Google Yourself

Have you Googled yourself yet? I think you should. It might change the way you look at some social media… OR it might make you happy. You might feel as if your famous even! 

I went on Google and typed in my full name. I had done it a couple years ago and I didn’t like the fact that you could see my FULL Facebook & MySpace profiles. Since then, I’ve made some changes; I deleted my MySpace account. So that problem went away quick! 

Another thing I noticed was that one of my old photos was linked to one of my ex’s Facebook pages! What was weirder was that it was a photo in his notes section. No, not a photo he uploaded, one he copied & pasted! I was furious! I reported it as spam & blocked him- I was still in High School so forgive my immaturity. I didn’t think he deserved to know about my life & share a picture of me too! Thankfully, that photo is gone & when you Google my name you get my Instagram photos. I’m fine with that! Like this photo is now on Google! 

 When you Google yourself, you might find that there are other people in the world with your same name. I found 2 people with the same exact first & last name! Trippy, right?! I thought it was interesting to see, even if I’ll never meet them. 

Google Your Business 

I was extra curious to see my Google level– or how high on the list- for my jewelry shop. Since I’m on two sites, I’m at the very top! Several times! It’s great because plenty people go on Google to look for things to buy. Yes, loads of people go on the specific sites. But this is better than last year! 

What is even cooler is the pictures from my shop sites are ALL ON TOP! I’m so excited! Take a look!  

If you have a handmade shop, I suggest you try expanding to a couple sites- if you can afford it. You might get more business or simply more views. That is a big part too. It may not seem like it is, but I get excited for more than 7 views in a day! That’s just on Etsy alone! I can’t wait to see what sales I have around Christmas time. 

I dare you to try it. Try Googling Yourself. If you have a shop online or even a Facebook page, Google it’s name. See what happens! Even if it’s not much, it’s still kinda fun! 

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