DIY Decorated Glass Bottle 

Do you have a glass bottle that is pretty enough, not to throw away? Make something new of it! 

I had a glass bottle that originally had bubble bath stuff in it. The bottle is shaped like the Eiffle Tower. I never used the bubbles-they were too smelly for me. But I still loved the bottle! So I looked on Pinterest to see if there was anything I could do. Most people used actual vases but this idea worked for me! I did it in 3 easy steps!!

Here’s what you need: (Cat not included) 


  • Glass bottle- lid or none works
  • Sand
  • Pearl beads- white/creme and any other color you want
  • Paint- optional for lid 
  • Clean space
  • Funnel


 Step 1: a Empty a Bottle

I emptied the bottle. Then I painted the lid I had. I used simple patio paint. 

Step 2: Add sand!

This is when your funnel comes in handy. Pour sand in the bottom of your bottle. Fill it to your desired length. I filled most of the bottom. If you have loads of pearls you might not need this. 

Step 3: Add pearls!

Make sure you see which pearls fit in the bottle. I bought some things that didn’t fit. You can pour the pearls in one color at a time or mixed like I did. I used mixed sizes too. The little ones filled in other spaces lower down. Then if you have a lid, put it on! 

And there you have other! You can add other beads like sparkle ones or just pearls. It’s all up to you! 


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