Sales Associate Diaries #2

Anyone who works in retail knows how annoying it is to close the store. At times it’s also crazy opening! Let’s start with opening drama..

Opening- Sorry the door isn’t open yet! 

Whenever I’m part of the opening shift, there’s always customers waiting to get inside. It’s 10 minutes to opening, and they are getting more mad by the second! Really? Can you not read the sign on the door?! We don’t open early. We are run by corporate company so we can’t just open or close whenever we want! So just calm down!  

Once the doors are open, the people who were waiting impatiently just wanted to do a return or a payment! No, you don’t have time to shop and spend money, you want your money back. Or better yet, you want to pickup your order which isn’t here yet. They haven’t called & told you it’s here so it usually means it hasn’t arrived! Calm your pants down! 

In this sense, opening isn’t fun. Then again, closing isn’t either!

Closing- Did you hear that? We’re closing! 

Closing can be easy. You get to make announcements 15 minutes till closing, close some registers, straighten things. It shouldn’t be that bad! Well. That’s what corporate thinks… 

Instead, we get people who think they own the store & can shop till 5 after closing. Really? We are humans, we want to go home too! Then it’s hard because you have people who don’t speak English who come in. If you don’t have an associate who can translate, you might be stuck there forever. It is great that we are making money. But after doing the same thing all day it gets old! I mean, we’ve been open ALL DAY! 

I’ve written about closing before, so read this blog for more venting…. Yes, We Close in 2 Minutes! (In that post I mention the salon- which is now closed in our store. People think it’s open but it closed in February!) 

It gets worse about 5 minutes before we close; people start running around trying to find more things to buy. I will say, this last weekend wasn’t too bad on Sunday for closing. We always have people coming in at 3 minutes till we close, just wanting to look at shoes. That’s not enough time if you ask me! And then others who are shopping till the minute we close leave behind this:  

Thank you America; thank you for leaving us this mess. People think we can be out of the store 15 minutes after we close… Yeah right! If people don’t leave the minute we close, we are there are whole half an hour longer! I don’t understand how corporate offices don’t see/know this! Either the store is spotless, or we leave it, close & leave on time. We can’t do both & make it without going into overtime. Sorry, it’s not a perfect world- or perfect job. 

That concludes my Sales Associate Diaries #2. If you missed the first one, find it on my blog! 🙂 

Thanks for reading!! 

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