Colors of the Wind~*~ September 

Its time for a new color photo challenge! And I’m a little late…..

Since I’ve used all the colors of the rainbow, I will try to use othe colors like black, white, brown, etc. But, I might have to repeat a color or two! So here we go…

September is when it’s warm but almost fall. I dont know why but whenever I think of September, I think of Green again!  

Not gonna lie.. I really miss Disneyland. But I love this green dress I bought for Dapper Days! Bought it on ModCloth ! And I’m in love..

This is my Nana’s newest painting. I hope she can’t paint again soon! But she might not be able to due to the therapists’ personal life changes…? Anywhays…. I love this painting. It looks like what my Nana used to paint. Here’s an example of some stones she made for the family one year. Oh, yes they are green too! 

  Beautiful, right?! If you would like to help us out & donate to Nana’s stroke recovery, visit the link & read her story. Go Fund Becky

This beauty is a necklace & bracelet that I re-strung for a customer. The original is on the right, the new version I made is on the left!! So much better!!

I just thought this comic was a great way to end this photo post. Plus, I always feel this about my ex at times. What girl doesn’t?! Lol  🙂 

I wish I had more pictures this time but I need to use my computer! And I didn’t have time. Thanks for reading! 

Have a great day!! 

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