I Heart Re-Writing 

Another word for Re-Writing is editing. Editing is more the sense of using parts of what you’ve already created but taking some away. I’m very good at editing. I learned early in high school that editing was key to get the good grades. By senior year, I was a pro at fine tuning my essays. I knew what my picky teacher wanted especially. 

Unlike many people, I love to edit things. I love to edit books, long essays, short essays, stories or even Facebook posts! Yes I’m serious….

I just started peer editing/giving feedback on a book that my mom’s friend has written. I’m two chapters in and it has a great start. If it didn’t I’d have a hard time reading it-like many other books I have. I was pleasantly surprised to find this book start out in a great way! I can’t wait to keep editing, making notes and reading on! It excites me and it’s something I’m good at. So why not help people out, right?! I even had friends in college who had me peer edit their 10 to 12 page papers. I loved every minute! If I had too much homework of my own it got tough. But I made time for my closest friends’ essays & stories. I guess my AA in Liberal Arts: English wasn’t all for not.  

 However, I have a hard time writing long things-like books. My blog I love because I can pick a topic and express my feelings about it. And people want to read it! On the other hand, I suck at short stories because I never want them to end. Literally! That must be the hopeless romantic in me. Or I learned it from watching too many Disney movies..?…. Nah. Hopeless romantic for sure.  

 I wish I could harness the time to write a book. Even if it’s not perfect, I would love to do it. But I can’t find a topic- besides love- that seems easier to write about. Unless I go hog wild and make it a fantasy. Who doesn’t like fantasy?! Although, that could end up crazy….  


Sorry, I love Stitch. He’s one of my favorites. And his story is crazy but you want to believe it. Yes, it’s Disney but you want to feel that thus crazy Alien found a family and learned to love others; he stopped being a Beast and discovered how nice it feels to belong. I love that! If I could do it, I would write something like that. And who knows, maybe I will someday…  

I hope I can write something soon. Wish me & my writing ventures good luck! I’ll need a lot of it… Haha.

Thanks for reading!! 

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