Photo Shoot Results

On Monday, I had my awesome photo shoot with my aunt. I am very happy to share some results! This was to promote me as a dance instructor. Plus, it’s always fun to be a model for a day… 

~To my friends on FB reading, I have tons more pictures in one of my photo albums. Feel free to look!


I learned on this particular shoot that you can find many different backgrounds in one area. It’s makes sense but it’s something most of us don’t think about. Am I right? These first pictures were taken behind a building- my other job to be specific. The brick wall had many ways to use it & the green bushes behind. 

The photo above I just showed you had an interesting angle. My aunt also made sure to give me space to write onto the pictures like this one that I’ve already done:  

 See how the words just POP?! Pretty cool, huh? I used my favorite editing app on my iPad, Over. I’ve done a blog about how to use it before. Read it here: Photo Editing App

Here are a few more pictures with this brick wall scenery…. 


Now, the next few photos are also behind the same building!  

 I know, typical dancer/senior picture pose. But hey, it looks great!! 


I loved this peach wall. It was a trip to work with the space! Here’s a photo I prepared for promoting….  

We did tons more in this are as well! It was a blast. After this we went to a railroad track behind my old high school.. Alumni, you know this place! I know I’m not the first to have used this area either…  

 This is one of my favorites. The way the railroad corner adds dimension is mind blowing. I can’t imagine it done a better way! Can you?? 

  Typical dancer pose #2….

 That last one above was taken under the track. Good thing there was no train at the time… Or any homeless people….. 

The last places we went were downtown by a library and possibly someone’s house. I will not state where or say for sure yes or no. Lol we were just strolling by…. 

Anyways, here are a few more in a new outfit even!

 This window was quite interesting to use. My aunt had wanted to use it for a long time so I figured why not?! The shadows were from one small tree in front of it. Pretty neat technique!   

I loved that last one….  

Let’s just say, these last ones were a blast… And abut sassy… We took many more too!! But you get the idea. 😉 


If you can’t tell, I love these pictures. I’m happy with how they turned out and I cannot wait to edit them! 

Thanks for reading!! 

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