Prince of Thieves & Princesses 

  I’m a real sucker for fairytales. Most young women are. I’m pretty sure it just gets worse when your single. Even though love can totally suck, it’s also amazing! I know I’m dying to get that feeling all over again. It’s hard being alone! You start seeing every main character of a tv show or movie like he is a hero. Even if he is dark & mysterious. It’s kinda ridiculous! And a little funny. Ladies, you know it’s true!  


Needless to say, I wish I didn’t have such “singles blinders” on, 24/7. But it’s hard! You start daydreaming all the time. Especially if your in school–thank god I’m not. I’d be failing my classes! Another symptom is you start watching fairytale movies. Yes, even the cartoon Disney ones. It’s not bad! I mean, I AM the Disney lover here. These movies-which almost always have a happy ending-make you want it even more. Sometimes you start to feel like all the villains from Once Upon A Time; you just want your happiness… NOW! Hehe… A woman knows what she wants. 

 Lately, I had the house to myself for 5 days. No, I didn’t throw a party. Once again, I stayed alone. Instead, I watched new movies or ones I hadn’t seen in forever. Like, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves with Kevin Costner.  Why was Kevin Costner so hot?! 

 {sigh} All I can say is I keep replying one of the ending lines in my head between Robin & Maid Marian after he rescues her:

Marian: “You came for me… Your alive!”

Robin: “I’d die for you.” (Then they share a passionate kiss). 

 Oh lord. That line will always get me. If a guy wants to know how to impress me & we are in a serious relationship, just tell me that line & I’ll  swoon hard! Lol Here’s another movie that gets me: The Princess Bride. My entire family loves this movie. It’s funny, amazing, daring, and a great love story! I did watch this over the weekend. This is another line that gets me… 

 Guys in this generation I don’t think realize how much a girl loves sweet talking! We don’t need the biggest bouquet of flowers or that big box of chocolates- we need your words. We need the truth, feelings & big gestures(words). We wanna know that if the world was ending, you’d die for us! To some guys, this is too much to ask. However, it shouldn’t be if you do care about us. If it’s real, prove it. If you love me, show me. And yes, chivalry is always nice. I try to always say thank you when anyone-man or woman- holds a door open for me. Girls who don’t do this should learn to… ASAP. 

In the end, I will find my happy ending. I just hope it is sooner… I’m stuck in a rut feeling like I’ll never find the right guy and I’ll be a crazy cat lady. It’s basically a nightmare…. Alas, these are not times of princes, princesses & being a damsel in distress. Love seems to be too complicated for people now a days. All I can say is… LAME & LAZY! I will still try to be hopeful & a hopeless romantic. 

Everyone deserves a happy ending…. 


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