Disney Animals List: Horses

If you love Disney like I do, than you know how awesome all the animated animals are. You might also notice how extremely funny most of the Disney Horses are! Here is a complete list of ALL the animated horses from Disney animated/Pixar movies. If you haven’t seen my other lists yet, here’s the links. My first two lists were Disney Cats & Disney Dogs. They were so fun so please read them!!

It’s true, all the animals are fun and great to watch. But to me, there’s something extra about the animated horses that I can’t explain! I couldn’t wait to start this long list. So here we go!


1) The Prince’s Horse- Snow White (1937). This horse was the first ever Disney horse. He was the first drawn for the movies! Some people have been mad that I called the Prince Prince Charming- like Snow White calls him. So we will just call him The Prince like in the movie’s cast list. We only see the horse in the very beginning and in the end when Snow & her Prince ride off to their fairytale…

2) Pegasus Family- Fantasia (1940). An actual Pegasus is a horse with wings. So, in the music inspired film Fantasia there is a family of Pegasus’. There is the white mom & black dad who fly very gracefully…

Then there are also their babies!!!! Did I mention these guys swim like swans too??

3) Unicorns- Fantasia (1940). Wow, there were a lot of mythical creatures in this film! We now have UNICORNS!! This was one of the only times Disney had them in a film. Odd right?? No, Disney DID NOT make The Last Unicorn film. Get your facts right! Anyways, these are the cute Unicorns…

4) Ringmaster’s Horse- Dumbo (1941). Yes, there was a horse for a few seconds in this circus movie. He comes in with the Ringmaster during the parade and he’s white. He’s not exciting but he’s in the list.

5) Circus Zebras- Dumbo (1941). There were also some Zebras in this film too. But only in the parade & beginning when the baby’s are delivered. I love Zebras!!

6) Ichabod’s Horse- The Adventures of Ichabod & Mr. Toad (1949). I used to always watch these stories around Halloween. In the short story about Ichabod Crane, Ichabod has a slow horse that encounters the Headless Horseman with him. Him & the horse are pretty scared! This is when Disney movies started to get more creative with their animals.

7) Black Horse – The Adventures of Ichabod & Mr. Toad (1949). This creepy horse belongs to the Headless Horseman. Need I say more??

8) Sirro– The Adventures of Ichabod & Mr. Toad (1949). He is the horse Mr. Toad had before he “steals” a motorcar! He also helps Toad escape from jail.

9) Major- Cinderella (1950). Major is Cinderella’s family horse. He is sweet and helps Cinderella get to the ball. Although he is magically changed into a human, he still counts!

 I am also counting the mice turned into horses! They will also be on my mice list in the future.

10) Carriage Horses- Lady and the Tramp (1955). Yes, there are Carrige horses in this film! The dog pound carrige has horses and in the end they are all freaked out after Trusty & Jaque chased it down.

11) Samson – Sleeping Beauty (1959). This was mine & my mom’s favorite movie growing up. Samson is Prince Phillip’s awesome horse. We really see the comedy of his character in this film. Samson his smart & funny as well.

 My favorite line with these two: After falling in the river, Phillip says “No carrots.” You only get it if you know the movie by heart like me…..

12) Captain- 101 Dalmatians (1961). Captain; the horse who lives with the Colonel & Sgt. Tibbs. He is good at his job & helps get rid of Jasper & Horace. It was pretty funny!

13) Jousting Horse(s) – The Sword In the Stone (1963). Though not the animals you probably remember from this movie, there are a few horses too! There are two in the jousting tournament & one that Kay trained with.

14) Frou-frou – The Aristocats (1970). Frou-frou is I think one of the only girl horses in Disney film history. She is friends with the mouse & helps get Edgar shipped away. Not bad old girl!

15) Carriage Horse- The Little Mermaid (1989). It may not have been a prominent character, but this was the horse on the carrage when Ariel was “driving”… And jumped over a cliff… Eric is brave!

16) Phillipe- Beauty & the Beast (1991). Phillipe is Belle & her father’s horse. He is pretty funny & technically saved Belle’s father’s life…. After running away from wolves, leaving amour ice behind. Hey, at least he ran right home to Belle! He was also in the Christmas movie in 1997. He seems like a good horse…

17) Prince Achmed’s Horse- Aladdin (1992). Remember the Prince who Jasmine refused? Prince Achmed… & his fufu white horse. I think he’s the wrong kind of Prince for this story… And shouldn’t the horse be a camel instead?! Lol

18) Herd of Zebras- The Lion King (1994). Yes, I’m including them. They may have only been in the beginning but they were still a type of horse!

19) Achilles- The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996). Achilles belongs to Phoebus–the dreamy blonde captain who switches sides. He has a normal horse… Who sits on people when Phoebus tells him to! I love it! Every time, he sits on the bad guy. No big D.

20) Snowball, Frollo’s Horse- The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996). Yes, Frollo’s black horse is named snowball. It is never said in the film, but that’s the name. You shocked? Ya so was i.

21) Pegasus- Hercules (1997). Pegasus is a legit “pegasus”. He also is technically the same age as Hercules himself since Zeus made him. Pegasus is a awesome horse, sidekick, & friend.

I would count the pink Pegasus but it was actually two bad guys- Pain & Panic.. I think that’s just odd….

22) Kahn- Mulan (1998). Kahn is Mulan’s horse. He is pretty bomb! Goes into battle, stays strong, & hates Mushu. It’s awesome.

 23) Li- Mulan (1998). Shang has a horse. Most of the men of war have to. Shang’s horse is named Li. Just your typical strong horse. Interesting, right?

24) Bullseye- Toy Story 2 (1999). Bullseye is Woody’s horse from his old TV show. Andy’s Woody never knew until he got taken by Buster. Of course, once Woody meets his horse & Jessie, there is no life without them. Especially since they are in Toy Story 3, and probably the upcoming Toy Story 4….. Bullseye is a fun horse who is also very funny! He even acts like a dog which makes him even more adorable!!

25) Buttercup- Toy Story 3 (2010). Buttercup is the stuffed animal/Unicorn who is one of Bonnie’s toys. He is pretty comical too! 

26) Max (Maximus)- Tangled (2010). Max is a royal horse who takes his roll very seriously. Any threat to the crown is a person on his list. Especially Flynn Rider. It’s pretty funny! Max is extremely brave & even knows swordplay! I find it interesting that the only person who gets Max to calm down & stop his mission is Repunzel– who is the lost princess… Odd right?!

27) Angus- Brave (2012). Angus is Merida’s horse. She loves him very much and he loves her. He is a funny horse who is fast. And he takes care of Merida when she’s sad. But then he is scared of the wisps. It’s hilarious how he won’t even come out when Merida calls him. I love it!

28) Sven- Frozen (2013). Yes, I’m including Sven. He may be a reindeer but he counts! He is used like a horse. But he acts like a dog even. It’s priceless! He is a great reindeer & takes care of Kristoff. Even when Kristoff makes a wrong decision, Sven shows him. They really are best friends.

29) Anna’s Horse- Frozen (2013). I know she only rides him for a few minutes but he is a horse! One who runs away….. because of snow….

30) Hans’ Horse- Frozen (2013). Hans’ horse is pretty funny himself. Even though Hans is a bad guy, it doesn’t mean his horse is!

31) Rainbow Unicorn- Inside Out (2015). It’s Rainbow Unicorn! OMG! Joy loves this character from Riley’s dreams. But this Unicorn is a typical actress… lol

32) Horses & Zebras- Zootopia (2016). I know I saw Zebras and a horse in this movie. PLUS they used a Donkey for their ads for a while as a model for DNKY… Get it? Lol

33) Reindeer- Frozen 2 (2019). We get more reindeer! I know this shouldn’t count but we can’t go wrong with that many in the woods.

34) Soldiers Horses- Encanto (2021). When we see the soldiers that ultimately killed Abuelo Pedro, they were on dark horses. We don’t see much, just their silhouettes.

35) Bruno’s Horse- Encanto (2021). When Bruno finds Maribel & Abuela by the river, he appears on a horse in one of my favorite scenes!

  Thanks for reading my Disney Horse List. I love doing these. I figured it was time to make it. Most of the horses are really funny! Idk what it is but Disney does a great job with their animated animals.

Last updated: 4/6/2022

Here are the websites I used for my list today.

Animated Disney Movie List: http://www.disneymovieslist.com/animated-disney-movies.asp

Pictures & names: Google

Stay tuned… My next list should be Mice & Rats!!

12 thoughts on “Disney Animals List: Horses

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  3. Cassie

    I’ve been looking for a list that includes the carousel horses from Mary Poppins… (technically not animated.. So Idk if you want to include them but also not real horses, lol.) Also I believe there are a few animated horses in that movie as well, in the chalk art scene where the hunters are chasing the foxes. If the carousel horses are too much of a stretch, I get it! Lol

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    1. I agree that they are technically animated but my list is fully animated movies as well as Pixar. The only exception I’ve had is for “Song of the South” which is more animated than not. You could make your own list! There are plenty of movies that are done like a Mary Poppins.


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