Winter Sales 

Don’t you love sales that happen during this time of year?! It’s cold, close to the holidays, and what better way to spend your time then shopping?!…. Online that is!

Many people are predicting that this year, most shoppers will shop online on Black Friday and/or Thanksgiving instead of going to the stores as early as possible. That is, people who can use the internet will do that. I would too if I didn’t work in a retail store! I might shop some sites to find those tough gifts for my family members who are hard to shop for… 

Anyways! I strongly suggest ordering online–at least if you want to shop on Thanksgiving. You know people who have to work that night will not be happy. So don’t expect a good shopping trip! Even on Black Friday its chaos. I commend those few chain stores who gave their employees all day on Thanksgiving OFF! There’s even a few who won’t open on Black Friday this year! Go them! It’s a much better way to shop; less pressure & drama! 

Now, I have 2 Etsy shops– which will both have coupons for Thanksgiving/Black Friday- Cyber Monday. But today, I’m gonna tell you about my scarf shop on Etsy, KM Scarfs. I am having a Winter Scarf Sale! What that means is that all my knitted scarfs available are on sale for 20% off the original price! This sale goes until January 1st! Here are a few examples of some lovely knitted scarfs on sale…. 

 I am a sucker for Infinity Scarfs! There are quite a few of these listed on our site. I’m very happy with how they’ve turned out. In even making a new one right now!! 

Infinity Scarf Sale Prices: $20-25 

  There are also a few scarfs that can be wrapped whatever way you want! There are even a few that are “unisex”; can be worn by a guy or girl, like the one above! They range in colors and sizes as well. 

Knit Scarf Sale Prices: $12-18

  Another sale opportunity will start on Thanksgiving at noon…

Our Cyber sale which is Free Shipping on orders of $15 or more! This includes any of our scarfs, including the fabulous fringe scarfs!! 

The code to use is CYBERBLK15 and it expires November 30th at midnight! So remember, November 26th-30th you can use this code!! Enjoy! 

So spend your holidays relaxing. Don’t get caught up in the craziest time of shopping in stores. Take a break, grab your hot chocolate & your laptop, and start ordering some gifts. And for the women in the family, buy some handmade scarfs!! Here’s the link to my scarf shop. I’m also going to post about my jewelry deals for Thanksgiving on my Etsy shop- Stranded by Kylie. 

KM Scarfs- Winter Scarf Sale

So enjoy your family, friends & use your time with them. The photo above is me & my great grandma at Disneyland last weekend. It was her last trip we believe. She’s not dying! But she is 85…. So stay at home with your parents, kids or grandparents. You never know how much time you’ll have with them…..

From my family to yours, 

Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂 


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