Christmas Time Is Here…

I finally have a whole weekend off! Now, I can actually start enjoying the holidays. 

When you work all the time, it’s hard to be cheery & merry. Especially when you work in retail; when your store was decorated the day after Halloween & Christmas music started playing a week later. It gets old in the job quickly! But now that I’m almost done with my Christmas shopping, I’m getting more excited! 

I wanted to share some cute photos I took at Disneyland last month. These show the park decorated in some areas or even rides. I love the little details Disney always incorporates throughout the year.  

 These are in New Orleans Square on each lamppost in divergent colors. I love these! They are my personal favorite. 
These are cute… Inspired by Winnie the Pooh, these are hung all through Critter Country! See the honey on some of them?! 

Jack, the pumpkin king has taken over the Haunted Mansion….. 


The castle, glittering like a diamond for the 60th but also decorated for Christmas. 

My favorite & final photo from my last trip: Mickey & Walt by the castle. 

I wish I had taken more pictures but these are still great. Hopefully the next time we go, I can take a gazillion more! 

Now, we are decorating our house… And it’s always a Disney Christmas!!


I love these! I even want some for myself… When I get a house that is. 

Thanks for reading! 

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