Back 2 Blogging!

Wow. It’s been a while since I’ve blogged! And it’s now 2016, so I figured I’d do an update… Btw, Happy New Year!!   

  First off, I had a busy, stressful but good holiday. Among my family stress, I had tons of hours at work. And that’s retail; crazy hours like going to work at 4am… Why?! Because they thought we’d be busy…. Yeah right! We also worked till midnight the night before Thanksgiving. Talk about crazy! But that’s what work is, right?! Right.

Second, I created THE BEST Star Wars hip hop dance ever. We performed it at our local holiday performance known as Vine Street. Vine Street is when the people in our area come together to enjoy the Victorian houses decorated for Christmas. Local vendors sell things & our dance studio performs. Usually, it’s a holiday dance each class does.. But not mine! I didn’t care about the typical, I just wanted to do something cool. Plus, the new movie was coming out in literally a week. So why not?! In short, it turned out to be the best dance of the night. For kids ages 7-11, they rocked it–complete with light sabers! Here’s the YouTube link to watch it… Star Wars Hip Hop dance


And last but certainly not least…. I finally saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Literally, just saw it… Tonight. So happy I did! I won’t spoil it. All I can say is, it always starts with a droid…..  

 Yes, I took a picture at the movies. I love it, so don’t judge. 😉 

So, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, New Year and so on. Alice & I send cuddles! I plan on blogging more (finally) and I’m working on a Disney blog that’s big, long and fun! But it’ll be a while. So until my next blog, have a good day!!  

Xoxo, Kylie & Alice 

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