Ouch! Wisdom Teeth Troubles

 Almost everyone has to have their wisdom teeth pulled. These are the teeth way back, behind your molars. My friends had theirs pulled in high school. By senior year, I wanted mine taken out. Did that happen? No. 

 Instead, my dentist wanted to wait until they were up a little more….? Either way, I was always anxious to get them pulled. After years, & changing dentists, my new dentist finally said to get them pulled. So, I had the consultation with the surgeon & scheduled the appointment. 

Two weeks ago, I got them pulled. Luckily, I only had two. I figured this would be easy to get through. Most people I knew had all four! However, unlucky for me, the bottom are the worst to get pulled. Here’s why:

  The bottom wisdoms are connected to the jaw bone which connects by your ears. All the chewing you do is with your bottom jaw, right? That means it’ll take longer to get used to regular foods. My teeth were also impacted, meaning they grew at an angle. The other part that they don’t tell you, is that with these pulled, you will have the pain go through your ears. So, it feels like you have an ear infection at the same time! How horrible is that?! At the same time, I had migraines everyday & had no idea. The massive amounts of meds they gave me didn’t touch my head. It only touched the area of the pulling, and barely helped ease the ear pains. The meds also made me sick due to the ridiculous liquid diet I was on. I can’t even look at Advil without getting sick right now.

Another problem I had was that on at least one of my teeth, the bone had grown over them. This makes it ten times more painful & longer to heal. My mom and I watched it on the video they make you watch before surgery. We both figured I wouldn’t have that problem. We were wrong! 

I had only gone through one week of this pain. We’re talking screaming pain! It felt like a year. When I went back to the dentist, they gave me this puddy in the holes where my teeth were. The doctor said,”In 20 minutes you’ll feel better.” Yeah right… Sure enough, in 20 minutes, I felt like me again! I was able to try French fries, drink a soda–which relieved my migraine– & eat Cheeto puffs! 

Two weeks later, I’m still very sore. I still get migraines & an ear ache on the left side. But the migrants are quickly cured with caffeine. I dont know when I’ll be able to eat chips again, but I can eat Cheerios for breakfast! That’s one upside. 

In short, if they tell you that you have wisdom teeth on the bottom, beware of the bone growing over! I think that’s what happens when you wait… So be careful!

Thanks for reading! Good luck to those of you who still need your teeth pulled! 


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