Newest Obsession with Hand Lettering & Coloring

Oh yes. It’s like art but for dummies!

Well, at least for me it is!

I’ve never been an artist. The only things I perfected drawing were stars, hearts, & a little squiggle monster that my mom & aunts would draw. They would send me to school, carrying notes with these guys on them. Mine is more furry than squiggly but who cares! They are cute, right? 

Anyways….. I used to love coloring as a kid. I mean, didn’t everybody? So I had read somewhere that coloring is very therapeutic. My aunts & I each picked out a coloring book at Michaels when they were on sale one day(last October). That night, we all started coloring and we really enjoyed it! I was quite surprised in myself. I had remembered rushing my coloring when I was younger, just so I could finish the page. It was all different for me now! Since then, we have been coloring at least once a week-if not more. This was my first page I colored in 2015 that I loved!  


Then, my mom was super cool & bought me MORE coloring books for Christmas! My favorite book is this one…. 

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