After Vacation Blues

Last week, I was on a nice, week long vacation. I was with some members of my aunts’ family (yes, I have a big family).  I took so many pictures that I can’t even share them all! We went to LA, and San Diego. At the end of the trip, we even went to Huntington Beach (which I’ve never been too)! We went to Disneyland a couple times, to the San Diego Safari Park & I finally got to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios! #wwhp 😱 Overall, the trip was a success. And of course, Disneyland was great to be back at. (The picture above is my new favorite btw.) 

Let me tell you about WWHP….  It was SO FUN! This part of the park was hands down, THE BEST. Granted, I’ve only been to Universal I think twice in my life. Seriously though, WWHP is so magical. To me, it’s as detailed as Disneyland. That is what sells it for me. I do wish that I could’ve actually ridden the Hogwarts Express, but that’s ok. Someday when I go to Florida, I can do it at the Universal there. 
Now, I won’t give you all the specs about WWHP because then it wouldn’t be as magical. I will say a few things (with pictures) besides the fact that you feel like your in the movie’s world–again, the details are SPECTACULAR!

1. Olivanders is a MUST. You have to have a wand. Weather it is interactive or not is up to you. The store is packed, but well worth the wait and the experience. 

2. Hogwarts looks amazing! It may be smaller, but it’s perfect. The ride inside however, I’m not into the 3-D part of it. Definitely started to panic a couple times…. I’m not a huge roller coaster girl.. Sorry boys. 

3. Butterbeer…. Oh. MY. GOD! Amazing, delicious, Ahh! I’m craving some at home right now….

Let’s just say, I can’t wait to go back again. 

Yes, I had a great trip and it was nice to be home after. To be honest, I missed my cat. We raced home to see my dance class perform in the park. They did great, even with me being gone during the week! That class is my rock and roll. They are awesome. 

However, this week was tough for me. I couldn’t remember what date it was, and I worked a lot. My friend was asking for pictures during my trip which was fun. My mom and I didn’t get to talk much about it but we will. I had a few people ask how my trip was-mainly people from my retail job, and some parents-and that was about it. Not many people seemed to even know where I was. The retail coworkers kinda noticed/knew I think. But the studio? My class & my sub noticed but I think that’s it. My boss didn’t even know I was in vacation………… Seriously? And people wondered why I wouldn’t answer my calls.. Dude, I’m at freaking Disneyland! If I was on a cruise–which was the original plan– you all wouldn’t have even gotten responses until days later. How did people that I see weekly not notice I was gone? Further, once they knew, wouldn’t it be nice to ask how the trip went? What if it was horrible and I almost died?! No, that didn’t happen but seriously! I’m probably ranting about nothing. But even my 86 year old, great grandma asked my aunt and I how our trip was on the phone, BEFORE  wanting an update on my Nana in her nursing home. It was nice to talk about, and I haven’t gotten to talk about it all week! Instead, I’ve been yelled at, called “crazy bitch” in Spanish by an angry customer, had to work an extra day, had some stuff peed on by a cat, and haven’t slept thru the nights at all! 

The only conclusion I’ve had is basically, this week sucked (today even sucked at the end), and I wanna be back on vacation! I want a do-over. I hope my future weeks being home go better because I’m tired of drama, stress and angry customers. I guess coming home can always bring back the stress. The only good part of my week was eating chocolate & having some drinks and laughs on Sunday night with my cousin & his friends. 

This sums up, the Vacation Blues. Next time a person you know comes back from vacation, at least take 5 minutes to ask how it was. Cheers!

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