Putting Up Bricks

Today I decided to put up bricks.

Not in my yard, and not for a wall.

This one won’t get hit by a wrecking ball.

I put them up to protect myself,

Not to protect a house all by itself.

No, these bricks are around me.

They are invisible, allowing me to see.

Yes, these bricks will protect me,

No matter what I feel.
These bricks block me from people;

People who hurt, fight, or like make scars.

Will I see people? Yes.

Touch them? If I want to.

Talk to them? Only if they are kind to me.

No, these bricks are not made of stone.

These bricks will not make me a home.

However, I will feel them in my bones:

Every time I’m sad, I’ll remember putting them up.

Every time I’m mad, I might throw them around.

If I feel both, i dont know what I will do.

Maybe feeling isn’t the thing to do.

What I do know is,

These invisible bricks will stop me from calling you. 

Stop me from calling anyone else who didn’t care,

Even though I’ve always cared.
I am allowed to feel but at what costs?

My bricks may show me when I’m truly lost.

They will stop me from losing it all. 

They will keep me up if I start to fall. 

These bricks, they are family to me.

It’s up to my family members to set them free

as well as me.

Tear down these walls, take down my bricks.

Maybe I won’t need something so thick.

Maybe I don’t need an internal wall,

Maybe all I need is nothing at all.

Wait, that can’t be right.
I’m human, we all need something.

I do need to know I matter.

I need to know someone will give me a ladder;

To climb my own walls, or others I may find. 

Otherwise, I may crumble from being left behind.

I have to feel good, I can do it alone, right? 

No, what I need to know, 

Is that I am loved by my family & friends tonight.

Hope you enjoyed my poem! It was hard to write and I know I’m not a poem expert. But I was fighting some feelings, so I opened up. This is my poem that’ll help me heal tonight. 

Thank you. 🙂 

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