The Beauty of Henna Tattoos

I LOVE Henna. Every year–every summer–at our local fair, I always try to get a Henna tattoo. Some people say, “Why not get a real tattoo?” To that I say no. Let me tell you why…

First, for those who may not know, Henna is a type of temporary tattoo. Here is the actual definition of Henna: the powdered leaves from a tropical shrub, used as dye to color the hair and/or decorate the body. I also learned that it had some medicinal uses a long time ago as well. I don’t know what exactly, but it’s cool to know that Henna has been around for a long time. Here is why else I like this type of body art.

1) Henna is fun to show off and there’s no long term commitment! Let’s say you end up getting a tattoo that doesn’t turn out so great. If it’s Henna, you don’t have to live with it; it’ll be gone in two weeks tops! It it is real ink, your stuck with that sucky art forever. No Bueno.

2) You can get multiple, in the same spot every year if you want. You can’t do that with a real tattoo. You can’t change the placement either.

3) It doesn’t have to have meaning! Most people when talking about tattoos say, “If I get one, it has to have meaning behind it.” If you get a fake one, it doesn’t have to! I had one that did have some meaning in 2012. My Nana had a stroke the month before, so I got a hummingbird on my arm. Hummingbirds are Nana’s favorite bird. Nana is still alive but this tattoo symbolized the person I grew up with. I will never have that same person again. It may be her, but we won’t be able to talk like we used to. She cannot speak anymore. She can’t walk either. I will never forget this Henna tattoo I got. If I ever did get a real tattoo(which I probably won’t ever), it would be a hummingbird.

Like I said, the one above was from 2012. This next one was from 2011….

Now, for me, THIS ONE would be one that I’d regret if it was real. Looking back now, it looks more like a spider or moth than a butterfly. Plus, the shoulder is a tough place for any tattoo, real or fake!

This next one is what I got this month, a feather. The other arm in there is my little sister’s first henna! 

Here’s a close up of mine… It was still wet lol. I like this place on my arm because it is the easiest to keep dry.  I’ve had 2 other henna’s here before.

There are many other types of Henna designs that people often get too. I haven’t gotten them yet but here they are! (These next images are ALL from Google.)

Loads of people put designs on their hands. This one is gorgeous!

Then of course, there’s the foot….

And the ever popular, belly button!

These are just a few of them. You can also create your own or have the artist free hand on you as well. It may cost a lot but it’s fun! 

Another good thing is that for people who would get a real tattoo, this could be where you start; test some artwork out in some places and see what fits. If you love it and never want it to go away, go to a tattoo shop and make it real! It’s all up to you, it’s your body! 

There is a Henna kit available in stores like Micheals. My family was gonna buy it a year ago and I thought they were crazy. But now,it may not be such a bad idea. It’ll save you money in the long run. But I know me, I’m NOT a great artist. So, if I had a kit, I would be playing around with it a lot. And I know I would mess up. I guess that’s the beauty of it, right?! If you have the courage to buy a Henna art kit, do it! I might someday… 

Make sure you get a Henna tattoo someday. It’s fun for all ages. 

Thanks for reading! Enjoy! 

The first pictures are mine. The Henna definition and other pictures are from Google.

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