Tramp’s Back Story: Part 3

Yes, there’s more to Tramp’s adventures before he met Lady…

Check out Part 1 & Part 2 of Tramp’s puppy years. So here’s the next & final chapter. Enjoy!

Tramp’s Story From the Beginning Part 3

It was cold. Tramp felt water on his nose. He opened his eyes to see how dark it was. Where was he? As he looked up, he discovered it was also raining. Then Tramp remembered, it was raining earlier–when he fell asleep…

Tramp was so tired from running & walking, hiding & running some more. His paws hurt, but not as much as his heart. He’d only been on his own for a few hours. He had no humans, no rules, and nobody watching him. At first he was ecstatic! The moment he leaped that fence, he knew was free. However, as the evening went on, he got tired and hungry. The cars and carriages scared him at times. He sometimes didn’t hear them coming! One car almost hit him but he ducked down quick, laying down flat in the street. This was when Tramp knew he needed to find food & shelter, fast. 

As Tramp walked through the town, he got to a weird building. It took him a minute to figure out that it was a train station. He saw some men in dirty overalls walking from an engine. They were loud; laughing and joking around. They walked closer to the building and sat at an old table. It was almost dark out. Tramp snuck a little closer, trying to be quiet. He watched as one of the men drank out of a dark bottle. Another guy–who was taller than the rest– started eating something from a sack. It looked like a sandwich. Tramp started licking his lips, hoping that man would have leftovers. But how would he get to them? He didn’t see any trash cans around to dig through. He didn’t know these men, so begging probably wouldn’t work. Or would it?? 

Tramp held very still behind a bush. He waited until the right moment–when the tall man was almost done eating everything in his sack–to come out in the open. Tramp ran up to the building and stopped, making sure to look lost. He put on his begging face and starred at the tall man. The other guys started laughing, saying “Look at that mutt. He looks lost.” “And hungry” another one said. Tramp knew his target. He wouldn’t stop looking at the man who had part of the sandwich in his hand. 

The tall man stood up. Tramp backed up a little, acting scared like when he was a pup. It became silent as the man walked slowly towards the dog. As the man got closer, his face looked colder. Tramp looked down at the ground. He thought he was getting in trouble for sure. Tramp finally looked up at the man who was now standing in front of him. “You poor dog. I’m not gonna hurt ya,” the man said as he knelt down to the dog’s level. Tramp looked at him both with sadness & hope. He was happy not to be in trouble. The man took out the meat from his leftovers and another whole sandwich that was in his sack. Tramp started frantically eating the meat as soon as it touched the ground. He didn’t care what it was, but it tasted great. This put a smile on the man’s face.

The train workers found an open, empty barrel that Tramp could sleep in. They took it by a water tower & tipped it on its side. The water tower was on the other side of the train tracks, but back enough that the dog wouldn’t get hurt. Tramp was a little scared to go over there. “It’s alright,” the tall man said. “No trains ride this track anymore. You can stay here. We won’t tell the pound, right boys?” Tramp looked at the other men. “Oh yeah, they’ll never find out. They never look on this side of the tracks.” one man said. They called him over, and Tramp obeyed. Tramp stepped into the barrel; it smelled like wet wood. It was shelter nonetheless. Tramp layed down as all the men pet his head. “Good dog. Get some rest,” the tall man said as he disappeared into the night. Thunder struck, and rain started to shower as Tramps eyes heavily shut. 

… As Tramp remembered his journey here, he felt a little more safe. He dozed off again–sleeping through the night– so that he was ready to explore in the morning. 


Tramp awoke to the sound of a rooster crowing. The sun was shining bright and it felt warm. As he stretched out his front paws, Tramp yawned to wake himself up. As he shook off water from his back paws, he turned to look inside his barrel. Most of the rain water from last week was gone. His shelter wasn’t waterproof, but he liked it. After all, it was outside! Outside was Tramp’s favorite place to be.

It had been a week since Tramp first came to the train station. He was still exploring the town. He didn’t like going too far from his new home yet. Tramp had heard about the pound; it was a place they took dogs with no collars. They would be there forever until a human picked them up. Tramp was one of those dogs now. However, he knew he could never get caught. The pound car came around only once a week, maybe. In the area that he knew, he’d found a junk yard, a house with a chicken coop and a couple shops. Today, he’d wander the street just a little further. 

The further he walked, Tramp got a funny feeling. It wasn’t one to be scared of–it was almost like he’d been on this street before. The dog looked around and saw a pet shop. Was this the same one he lived in a year ago? As he pranced to the window, he recognized the inside of the store. This was where he grew up. There were new puppies in the window now. Tramp wondered what had happened to the others. Did they get adopted? He would never know.

Tramp turned around and saw a cake shop across from the pet store. He looked down the street, then crossed. He learned this after watching some humans a couple times. It helped him not get hit by cars anymore! Tramp got to the cake shop door and scratched on it. Was anyone home? The door opened and a skinny guy stood there. “Hello?” He said looking up and around. Tramp barked and the man nearly jumped ten feet. “Woah, what the heck are you doin’ here, eh?!” Tramp sat down and wagged his tail. He was definitely trying to look cute. Hey, he was hungry so why not? 

“Are you hungry boy, huh?” The man said bending down. Tramp started licking his face with excitement. “Hey now, stop that. If you want breakfast from me there’s no licking allowed.” The man pointed his finger at the dog’s nose, “Capish?!” Tramp nodded his head yes. Then, he waited patiently for his hand out. After a few minutes, the man brought Tramp some yellow stuff in a dish. Tramp looked at it funny. “What!?” the man said noticing the look. “It’s eggs, a la scrambled. You’ll like it, trust me.” Tramp cautiously smelled the bowl filled with yellow mush. It did smell good. As Tramp ate it, he loved the taste of it! He licked the bowl clean and barked his own goodbye to the shop owner. This was a place to come eat!

Over time, Tramp tried all the restaurants on that road. There were 4 to be exact. He liked them all and switched it up during the week; breakfast, lunch & dinner too! Each place had something different to offer. Sometimes, the tall man would bring him a sandwich for breakfast at the train station. Tramp really started to enjoy his free life.


One day, Tramp was walking back to the train station when he heard something. It was coming from the junk yard down the road. Tramp had gone over there a couple times to dig for bones- if there were any. So he crept through a huge drain pipe to get inside. As he stepped down, he heard a loud whine from a few feet away. Tramp froze, sniffing the air to see what it was that was making such noise.

The smell came from an area of the yard full of tires. Tramp slowly walked over to the tires and attempted not to make a sound. A car driving by made a loud thud after hitting a bump in the road. Just then, the whining got louder! Tramp ran up to a front tire and jumped on top of it. Then he saw what was inside. He expected an annoying cat but he was wrong. Inside the tire was a small Rottweiler puppy. The pup was shaking and looked up at Tramp with fear.

“Oh, hey little guy. Whatcha doin here?” 

“Hiding” squeaked the puppy. “Hiding from who?” asked Tramp. “The big dog out there.” Tramp looked around. He crept down to the puppy and said, “Buddy, there’s no big dog around here. Well, except me but I ain’t that big to scare anybody.” The puppy’s tail started to wag. “Come on, let’s get you outta that tire buster.” Tramp grabbed the puppy by the scruff with his teeth. When he placed him on the ground, the little Rottweiler started jumping up to lick Tramp. It was a dog’s way of thank you.

“So kid, what’s your name?” Tramp said. “I don’t have one. Can you give me one??” the puppy asked Tramp excitedly. Tramp leaned back and hesitated; he didn’t want this pup thinking he was his father. So he thought up a generic name. “Hmm… Buster actually seems to fit you. How’s that?” The puppy jumped up and said, “Oh I like that a lot. What’s your name?” “I’m Tramp. Why don’t you come with me to get some food.” Together, they went to Tony’s restaurant and ate some bones for lunch. It was the start of a good friendship. 

Buster & Tramp quickly became almost inseparable. They’d sleep together in Tramp’s barrel and they’d roam the town all day & night. Occasionally they would go back to the junk yard to play around. It was fun, there was nothing that could be ruined! There were cars in pieces, beds, tires, and tons of other junk to rip up. It was good too since Buster wasn’t fully potty trained. Tramp didn’t quite know how to train him either. But he did give him steet smarts! He showed him to stay away from the dog catchers, what food to get, and the safe places of town. 

Months went by and the two had grown to be the town bachelors of dogs. They did whatever they wanted. They’d steal some food or toy balls at the park from other dogs. Well, Buster would steal… Tramp didn’t like that, it was Buster’s idea. When Buster was relishing in his victories, Tramp usually apologized to the dog they stole from. It was always a house dog. Tramp made sure they never stole from a human, especially kids. That was just cruel. They’d go eat at the local restaurants as well. But they mostly hid from the dog catchers as they prowled the streets. It was starting to get worse. The pound sent out cars more than once a week. 

Dogs of all ages caught wind of what Tramp & Buster were going. Some pups ran away from home to join the big dogs. Eventually some other dogs joined them, even old ones. They all lived in the junk yard together & played all day. Most of them loved the freedom.  By the end of that year, there were at least 12 dogs, not counting Buster and Tramp. They started calling themselves the band of “Junkyard Dogs”. Tramp did like his distance though. At night, after the pups & other dogs would settle down, Tramp would leave them. Sometimes he would go meet up with a female dog. But most nights he’d just go home to his barrel. It was nice to have his own space. 

There were days were Tramp wouldn’t meet up with the Junkyard Dogs. He knew it was too risky and they all could get caught at some point. Instead, he’d explore the streets more. He would run into the other dogs eventually anyways. One day he bumped into them and they started pestering him. “Hey Tramp,” Buster barked–who was now almost fully grown. “Where you running off too now a days? You’re mommy?!” All the dogs laughed. Tramp just stared at Buster, not even blinking. Buster’s smile left his face as he saw Tramp’s seriousness. 

Tramp got real close to Buster alone. “I don’t think I can hang with you pups anymore,” Tramp whispered. “Pups?! We ain’t babies anymore Tramp. We the big dogs now!” Buster yelled in his face. “Quiet!” Tramp spat at Buster. “The pound is cracking down. If you run in the public like this, in a big group, they’ll remember you! Trust me. I know.” Tramp really did know. They knew who he was too. He was too close to being hauled away, too many times.

Buster looked around the streets. He looked back at Tramp, “They can’t catch me & my band of Junkyard Dogs! I’m invincible. Man, I thought you were our leader Tramp. What happened?” Tramp looked at the ground and shook his head. Looking back up to Buster, he said “I survived better alone. I’ll check on you once in a while but otherwise… I’ll be on my own.” “Fine. I hope to see you around,” Buster said as Tramp walked away. Tramp never looked back, and disappeared into the streets. 


Tramp was over 2 years old now. Buster would be a year too. However, Tramp could clearly see the difference between them. Buster wanted desperately to be a leader while Tramp didn’t care. Months went by and Buster eventually became the leader of his Junkyard Dogs. Tramp cared mainly about himself. He would help a dog in need but he didn’t always stick around. He had his secret ways of survival that no one would know. 

Tramp would get very lonely. He decided to find his own kind of family–One better than what he’d had. Tramp went to a nicer part of town, not the richest part, but pretty nice! He started meeting families. The first family he met were the Davies. They liked Tramp a lot. He could stay there all night and get a really nice meal! He was warm, full, and living like a king. Tramp loved it but never was tied down. He would leave while it was still dark & go back to his barrel. 

A couple weeks went by and Tramp had met several families. They all gave him their own name but he didn’t care. He was getting away with not being tied down! He was still free, and got so much food. He also got to spend time with people. Deep down he missed it. By the end of the month, Tramp had a different family for 5 nights of the week. No dog was living as good a life as he was. And nothing would stop that! 


One day, Tramp went to see the Junkyard Dogs after he ate breakfast at Tony’s. He even brought an extra bone for the dogs there. He mainly wanted to check on Buster. He went in and was greeted by two old dogs, growling at him. “Hey guys, relax. I’m Tramp, Buster’s friend.” It had been a while since he came by, and he figured these guys were new. “Boys! Knock it off!” Buster barked loudly. The dogs ducked down and backed away. Tramp tossed a bone to a group of pups and they wrestled for it. 

“Nobody messes with the Tramp. The best stray dog around.” Buster ran up to Tramp. “I don’t know about being the best,” Tramp said. A little puppy ran up to them and asked, “Is it true that you outran the police & dog catchers?!” Tramp & Buster laughed. “Look, they were all on foot and I lost them in the woods by the train tracks. There were only a few of them.” The puppy & other dogs looked at him with awe. Buster put his paw around Tramp’s neck and said “Don’t be modest man, you are great! Anyways, whatcha doin here?” “Just thought I’d check in Buster. Staying outta trouble?” Buster smiled, “Oh of course. I told ya, they can’t catch me!” Tramp laughed and walked Buster away from the group of dogs staring. “That’s good boy, but really. You should watch out. I saw a few signs on my way over. If there’s no collar, your headed straight to the pound!” Buster got defensive, “Tramp, I know what I’m doin. You taught me everything, now go enjoy the day. We’re going dumpster diving, right boys?!” Then all at once, the rest of the dogs howled to the sky. They all started running out the pipe and said by to Tramp. Tramp was once again alone, with his bone.

Even though Buster didn’t listen to him, Tramp knew he’d figure it out. As Tramp headed out of the Junkyard, he decided to head towards the park. As he walked, he found a nice place on the sidewalk to sit and eat more of his bone. There was nobody around so why not? The sunshine of the day felt nice and warm on his fur. This was the life. 

Just then, a motorcar from the pound pulled up. Tramp hid inside a broken fence. A man got out from the vehicle and posted a sign. Tramp peered up at it to read it. The sign read something along the lines of “all dogs without a license will be taken by the pound for good.” Tramp got concerned and made sure to stay hidden. Just then, he heard a cough in the back of the car. Tramp crept around and saw two dogs in the back: Peg & Bull, two of his friends. He decided to spring them free….

Little did he know, that the dog catcher would chase him down a road that would change his life forever… 

And that was when he met Lady for the first time…..

Thank you for reading the final chapter of Tramp’s story before he met Lady in the Disney movie. Hope you liked it! 


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