Dear Nana

Dear Nana,

You left too soon, but I’m thankful for the time we had together…..

In this blog is what I wrote about my Nana for her celebration of life. She passed away in September & our celebration was in October. (I meant to post this sooner, but things have been hectic.) I couldn’t get up and say this without crying, so I typed it up. I put it on a lovely poster board for all our family & friends to read it. Some people didn’t really get to read it… there were so many people to visit with (which I totally understand, I was busy too). 

So, I’m posting it now so that people may read it if they missed it. I also think I did a really good job writing it. The pictures on here weren’t on the poster, but it’ll help you visualize that day that we celebrated Rebecca S. Holt’s life. In fact, the photo below is of the group of pictures that where right next to my poster. It was a lovely set up, that me and my family did all on our own. It’s how Nana would have wanted it. Another reason I’m posting this is because it’s close to the holidays and I’m feeling a lot of depression. I miss her, and I didn’t even get to truly have a Thanksgiving this year– thanks to corporate America! All I want right now is more time with my family, is that a crime?! Haha. Writing this again will help remind me how she was & would want me to be….

Rebecca was a beautiful soul, a strong person, and a kind woman. My family has called her Nana since about 1995, and I know she loved being called that. She would tell all my friends when meeting them, “Just call me Nana.” Becky cared for her family as a daughter, sister, mother & grandmother, sometimes more than she even cared for herself. Having 4 children and 6 grandchildren, it was natural to put us all first. Nana was also a great friend to more people than I have even met! Even if you didn’t know it, she was going to make sure that you were taken care of, no matter what. Before her stroke in 2012, Becky took some of her kids, grandkids & her mother on a week-long trip to San Diego as a retirement celebration. We all had so much fun and I’m very glad we got that time with her before her life changed drastically. 

The last four years have been a struggle for all of us, and we’d like to thank everyone who helped us raise money for her care & paint therapy through or any other way. It was great to see her painting again. When I was still dancing, Nana & Mom created make up for an entire show, based off of their painting skills. She loved every minute of it! The day before her stroke, she was painting with Aunt Becky & Aunt Heidi. After her stroke, Aunt Julie & I stepped in to help Mom with the make up for the 2 years of shows that she missed. That make up would not have been possible without her in the beginning. Furthermore, we couldn’t have done it if she hadn’t taught us all how years ago. I think it is something we will always cherish. Since she has passed, it is good to finally have closure and now we know she is in a better place.

So all I’d like to do today–besides share good memories–is to thank her; Thank her for always being there when someone needed her most. Nana was there for all of her children in many ways, throughout their lives. I also know she was there for many of her friends as well. For me, I never had just Mom around. As well as the many aunts, uncles & amazing great grandparents, I got to have Nana. She was like another mom to me, and I had her instead of a Dad. I think deep down, that’s why I nicknamed her “Nana” after the dog in Peter Pan–one if her favorite movies. She wasn’t just my grandmother, she was there all the time and wouldn’t miss a second if she didn’t have to. Nana couldn’t even miss out on a sunset each day! I remember a while back, she would sometimes call me at night and say, “Did you catch that sunset?” or “Take a look at that moon. It’s so big and beautiful. Isn’t it just gorgeous?” And now, I catch myself stopping to watch them more often. They are beautiful, just like she always said they were.

So today, let’s celebrate Nana, Becky, or whatever you knew her as. Let’s all care for each other, drink a Diet Dr. Pepper, and enjoy every minute we have together. We love you Nana, and we will all miss you so much! In my opinion, you left us too soon….


Kylie & the Holt Family. 

Thank you for reading! These bouquets I helped my aunt make for that day. Nana loved all things nature too…. 

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