..And a Crappy New Year! 

I hope that 2017 is WAY better than 2016. I know I’m not alone in hoping so. I had some good points in the beginning but the end of it has sucked. Not to mention all the famous people who’ve died! Including my Nana… 

R.I.P to the following:

David Bowie

Goblin King forever…

Alan Rickman

Always… 💔

Dan Haggerty

Doris Roberts

She was on a lot of shows & movies! 

Anton Yelchin

So young! So sad.

Gene Wilder

This man was so funny, full of wisdom and had a world of pure imagination. 

Arnold Palmer

Not just a famous drink…



Mohammad Ali

What a guy & what a fighter..

Florence Henderson

Oh man! Not her too!

Alan Thicke

Wait… WHAT?! How did I not hear about this?

Zsa Zsa Gabor

So beautiful 

George Michael

Carrie Fisher

NO!! Not Princess Leia!

Debbie Reynolds

Carrie Fisher’s mom, whose last words were “I wanna be with Carrie.” Only a few days after her daughter. So sad!!😫

And many more! ;(

Yup, this year has had so many deaths I can’t remember them all. So freaking sad! I can’t wait for it to be over. But the sad truth is, 2017 may not be better than this year, and here’s why: it’s only better if you make it better. Yes, some things may be out of control-like death- but other personal issues are on yourself. It’s quite a pill to swallow sometimes. 

So when you ring in the new year, try to make it a good one. I know I will try! Good luck to everyone in the new year!!

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