I Got a Kitten!

In August…And I just realized that I didn’t blog about it! What the heck, right? To be honest, life has been quite a mess so that’s why I forgot to write about it. If you follow me on Instagram, this isn’t news to you. But to my blog followers, this IS news! So, here we go…

Ok, so first off, in July, we rescued this little guy from my aunt’s work. We named him Simba & it fits him purrfectly! And he’s so adorable &’fun.

Unbeknownst to me, Simba was not going to be mine. If you don’t know, we have a house of cats & only 1 is truly my cat. So, I thought he might be mine in the future. But I was WRONG! And nobody told me until the mom cat abandoned the rest of her litter.. yeah. So, my aunt brought them home for 1 night & told me that I could have the little girl kitten as a peace offering for not being able to have Simba. Mad & upset, at first I said no. Then Aunt Heidi held her up to me and said, “She’s a sweetheart & if you don’t want her, you can pick another one from the group of you want.” This little girl was SO ADORABLE but I still hesitated. When Aunt Becky came home, she told me a girl would probably be better for MY cat (Alice) anyways, since she thinks she’s a princess. So, I am doomed to be a cat lady. And yes, I kept the girl kitten & named her Nala. Perfect right? 

This all happened in August. So, now I technically have 2 cats; Alice & Nala. Nana & Simba are much bigger now, (they are now 6 months old) and they are even more fun! Plus it’s been great to be involved at raising them from 2/3 weeks to now. Take a look! I’ll start with photos of them younger to now…. 

I love how soft kittens are!! Don’t you?? This is them in like, October I think..

Nala… btw I love that she looks like a cheetah! 

And Simba, who loves the other cats too! Which is good because he’s got to live with them forever. 

And here’s December & now! 

They are so huge now!! And my cat, Alice, isn’t too sure what to think of them when they play in her room every night… 

but she IS ok with Nala sleeping with us… well, kinda. 

So this has been my life lately. Pretty fun! 

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*Also, I’m currently working on a new Disney animal list blog AND possibly another big one… can’t wait to finish them soon! Thanks for reading. 

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