Disney Animals List: Birds

“Birds of a feather should flock together.”

It’s another Disney animated animals list! This time, we are looking at all the birds. Birds: their small and sometimes not seen, but heard. Disney has always done a great job with birds, their characters, sounds & actions!

There are a few movies I never saw in the early 2000s (I know, it’s crazy) so if there’s animals from them I missed, please comment & tell me! I will not be offended. But on all the other classics and such, I know what I’m doing. 😉 So here we go!

1) Baby Blue Bird- Snow White (1937). Just before the Huntsman decided not to kill Snow, she was holding a baby blue bird who was lost. He was THE FIRST Disney animated bird on a film! He & his parents also showed up in the rest of the movie. There were other birds in the forest too, but these 3 stood out. 

2)Crow & Vultures- Snow White (1937). These are the evil birds in the film. The crow watches the evil queen make her potion & poison apple. He’s kinda funny. The vultures linger in the woods, watching the queen. In the end, they lead you to believe that the vultures went down to pick at the queens crushed body…. Ew! 

3) Blue Fairy’s Dove- Pinocchio (1940). In Pinocchio, a magical dove brings a note from the Blue Fairy. The note tells Pinocchio & Jiminy Cricket that Gapetto has been swallowed by Monstro, the whale! So yeah, the dove doesn’t do much… But it was there!

4) Doves with Girl Minotaurs- Fantasia (1940). What is it with doves?? Anyways… These doves sit on a girl Minotaur’s hair as a chic hairstyle. It’s funny!

5) Ostrich Ballerinas- Fantasia (1940). These are my favorite!! I love the music, I love their dancing. So cute! Not to mention, this became iconic. 

6) Crows in a Tree- Dumbo (1941). These crows aren’t until the end of the film. However, they are very funny. I love their song too! And they fit the era of this movie very well. It’s cool how Disney does that.

7) Birds in Forest- Bambi (1942). Now, there are tons of birds in this film. So I’ll break them down by species and keep them in one group…. Oh! And all of them are also in the rain scene. 

Friend Owl: The owl knows everyone & seems to know everything. I love when he talks about being twitterpated! Speaking of that…..

Lovebirds of the forest: There they all are! The twitterpated birds which drive the owl nuts. 

Mama Quail & Babies: These guys are so cute! We see them throughout the film, and it’s adorable. 

Pheasants: Here’s the group of pheasants. We see a few of these on the rain scene. We mainly meet them in the scene where man has come to the forest. In the photo above is THIS dummy. This ONE pheasant got too anxious and had to fly away. The rest told her to stay put and what happened? She got shot. Yes, this was one of Disney’s cruelest moments, second to Bambi’s mother dying. 

And that’s all the birds basically from Bambi!

8) The Three Caballeros (1944). This mini film consist of 3 birds! What? No way! Lol We have the Jose, Panchito Pistoles, & Donald Duck himself!

9) Mr. Bluebird on My Shoulder- Song of the South (1946). We all know the song… Zip a Dee do dah! There really is a bluebird on his shoulder!

10) Hummingbirds- Song of the South (1946). I really love the fact that these Hummingbirds hum.. haha, good one Disney! 

11) Birds- Cinderella (1950). These birds are Cinderella’s friends. They also seem to be her alarm clock. There are blue birds….

And brown birds…..

And this one red bird who’s cute but too loud with his singing. 

Overall, they are sweet & help Cinderella all the time. Plus, we see them again in BOTH of Cinderella’s other movies. There were also chickens in the beginning of this movie as well.

12)Normal birds- Alice In Wonderland (1951). There are TONS of birds in this movie. So we will start with the normal birds, then the abnormal ones. When Alice is dreaming up wonderland, there’s a bluebird who sings back to her. This guy! 

There are also some bigger, normal birds in wonderland…

For example, the parrots, pelican & tucan(?) that run around the Dodo bird.

And I guess we could count Mr. Dodo as normal. Even though he is a little wacky haha.

Another “normal looking” bird in Alice In Wonderland, is this bird below. She’s the one who has a nest & thinks Alice is some kind of serpent. Also, she & Dodo are wearing some type of clothes while no other birds do… very curious. 

The last normal birds we see are during the game of croquet; the flamingos! They may be used in a weird way, but what isn’t weird about this movie?! 

13) Abnormal Birds of Wonderland- Alice In Wonderland (1951). This group is going to get confusing. Please note, most of these birds idk they’re names so I’m kinda making one up. Here we go…. 

Just before Alice gets lost, we see all these birds in this area. First, we see this organ-owl who is pretty funny.

Next we see the birdcage; a bird that’s also a cage-for birds- get it?! Haha I crack myself up. 

Another bird we see is this mirror bird with a friend who is a pair of glasses. When the glasses appear in the mirror, Alice disappears & thus gives the mirror bird eyes! Trippy!

We also see these taller, Shovel birds. They seem more like cranes possibly… 

Next, we see the Hammet & Pencil birds making a sign. 

As Alice follows a path that’s been erased, she runs into the next birds who aren’t so kind to her…

She see’s these Umbrella Vultures. I say vultures because that’s what they looked folded up. When these guys fly into a tree, they glare at her like vultures as well.

Lastly, she see’s this Horn Duck family. The mother is quite rude to Alice. 

When Alice is sad that she’s lost, all the abnormal birds come back to her and get sad like her. You can say they are part of her imagination & are tied to her feelings.

14) Swans- Peter Pan (1953). Yes, there are swans when they leave London in the beginning. Tinkerbell flies by a few AND this happens…. 

PETER WTF are you doing?! Those poor swans, at least we know he’s light…..

15) Bird that gets shaved- Peter Pan (1953). I love this scene. It’s always cracked me up. Smee thinks this bird’s butt is Hook’s face… he really isn’t paying attention is he?! Like, how did he forget to unwrap Hook from the towel he wrapped around it?!

16) Black birds- Lady & the Tramp (1955). These birds are in Lady’s yard, and she quickly chases them away.There is a whole group of them that fly. It seems to be a routine for her.

17) Doves- Lady & the Tramp (1955). All I can say is, “Hi gals, how’s pickin’s?”- Tramp to these birds…. 

18) Birds in window & parrot- Lady & the Tramp (1955). Here are more birds in this film, there aren’t many. First, there are the birds in the window once the baby is born. 

Next, there is a parrot in the pet shop when Lady gets a muzzle. There are also some other birds that she accidentally lets out when running away. 

19) Birds in Belle Note- Lady & the Tramp (1955). We see lots of birds during Lady & Tramp’s love night…. or should I say love birds? Haha 

There are two owls side by side in a tree. Then there are two swans swimming in the lake. So much love!! 

20) Chasing Chickens- Lady & the Tramp (1955). Ever chase chickens? I should say not! And these two probably shouldn’t have, but these are the last birds we see in this film. 

21) Birds in forest- Sleeping Beauty (1959). Honestly, I love these birds. These birds are all friends of “Briar Rose” or Aurora as we know her. There is a whole group of them!

22) Owl- Sleeping Beauty (1959). The owl is pretty cute. He and some of the birds try to cheer Briar Rose up by being her “dream prince”. Pretty smart! 

23) Maleficent’s Raven- Sleeping Beauty (1959). Maleficent’s raven is the one who finds Aurora’s location. He is a well trained pet to be honest.

24) Lucy the Goose- 101 Dalmatians (1961). Lucy is a goose who lives with Old Touser in the country. He is one of the country dogs who passes the Twilight Bark message. Lucy helped him rule out any puppies around them. So they send the message to The Colonel.

25) Archimedes the owl- Sword In the Stone (1963). Archimedes is a highly educated owl– meaning he talks! He’s pretty funny in this film, as well as grumpy! Haha 

If you think about it, the wart or Arthur becomes a bird in this film too, but we won’t really count him. 

26) Evil Hawk & bird in nest- Sword In the Stone (1963). This bird is pure evil! The hawk we see twice, and he just looks so intense! Look at him!

We also see a scrawny bird in a nest when Merlin & Arthur are squirrels for a day. This bird gets PISSED OFF at Arthur for running into him. Those squirrelly squirrels!!  

27) Band of Vultures- The Jungle Book (1967). If you notice in this film, Walt wanted some great singers in it. He had some famous voices in there, and these birds were supposed to be The Beatles! These guys are fun for a group of Vultures. And the only birds we see. 

28) Abigail & Amelia Gabble, the Geese- The Aristocats (1970). These sisters are amazing. I love how they try to teach Mr. O’Malley to swim when cats don’t swim. Hahaha 

29) Uncle Waldo- The Aristocats (1970). MY personal favorite!  Especially when he’s marinated. This British goose is quite a drunk. So here’s this meme I found of his best part…. SHERRY!! Loling on the floor, every time.

30) Rooster Narrator Alan-a-Dale- Robin Hood (1973). Love this narrator! And you know your whistling that beginning song right now….

31) Lady Cluck- Robin Hood (1973). Clucky is pretty funny. She’s always ready to take on someone too! 

32) Trigger & Nutsy- Robin Hood (1973). Trigger & Nutsy are the guards of the jail & they do whatever the sheriff tells them.

33) Bluebird- The Rescuers (1977). Yes, there is another bluebird! But this one isn’t in it for long.

34) Orville the Albatross- The Rescuers (1977). Orville is a big bird who flies mice to their destination. It seems in the end of the film that he became Bianca & Bernard’s personal pilot. 

35) Owl- The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (1977). We can’t forget our friend Owl! And yes, Owl has been in all the other Pooh movies, especially the recent one, done in 2011. It is one of my favorite versions of owl too!

36) Big Mama- Fox & The Hound (1981). What is with all the owls?! Anyways, big mama helps save Todd when he’s a baby. But she didn’t do it alone….

37) Dinky & Boomer- Fox & The Hound (1981). These two are the comic relief of this film. They chase a caterpillar throughout the entire film too! I believe Dinky is the little bird, & Boomer is the woodpecker.

38) Forrest birds- Fox & the Hound (1981). Of course, we see birds flying in this film as well as dead birds in the neighbors shed. 

39) Scuttle- The Little Mermaid (1989). Scuttle! He’s a pretty funny seagull who really doesn’t know much. He also returns in the little mermaid 2! 

40) Birds singing- The Little Mermaid (1989). During the song Kiss the Girl, it seems like all kinds of animals are singing. There were 2 birds singing in that blue lagoon….. 

Yes, there were ducks & flamingos! And Scuttle was the only bird who couldn’t sing. lol 

41) Marahoote- The Rescuers Down Under (1990). Marahoote (I think that’s how it’s spelled), was the biggest bird in Australia. Toby, a little boy who I think was based off of Steve Irwin, saves her from a poachers trap. Throughout the story, Toby tries to save this magnificent, giant eagle & her eggs.

42) Wilbur- The Rescuers Down Under (1990). Wilbur is an albatross & is Orville’s little brother. It seems Orville isn’t available & Wilbur gets to take Bernard & Bianca to Australia. He’s also voiced by John Candy who was very funny. 

43) Flying Flamingos- The Rescuers Down Under (1990). Wilbur loses track of the mice, so as he’s flying he runs into theee flamingos. But they’re flying! I don’t think flamingos fly, do they?!

44) Scrooge & Cast- DuckTales The Movie (1990). Are you singing the song yet? I AM!! So, Scrooge obviously isn’t new to the Disney world. But Disney channel made THE BEST tv show with him, & Huey, Duey & Louie! Donald Duck made an appearance every now & then. There were also new main birds in this show/movie including: the boys’ little sister Webby, the maid Mrs. Beakly, & Scrooge’s private pilot (my fav) Launch Pad. The movie was just as great to watch! And the movie had a duck genie

45) Belle’s Chickens- Beauty & the Beast(1991). Yes, Belle has chickens. We see them right before she sings THE best song on a hilltop.

46) Birds in snow- Beauty & the Beast(1991). These are the birds that Belle feeds at the castle. They also sit in the beast’s hands as well. It’s a very cute scene.

47) Iago- Aladdin(1992). Iago is Jafar’s sidekick. He’s pretty funny. I do like how in the later movies & tv shows he was on Aladdin’s side. 

48) Doves & other birds- Aladdin (1992). There were other birds in this film too! Jasmine has pet doves that she sets free. There are also flamingos in the palace. There are birds in the sky when Jasmine & Aladdin are flying on the magic carpet. And lastly, there are peacocks in Aladdin’s parade made by the genie. 

49) Zazu- The Lion King (1994). Zazu is Mufasa’s advisor basically. He is a big part of Pride Rock until Mufasa dies. With Scar, he just entertains him to avoid being eaten. And he was also in the second movie AND he’s in the new tv show, The Lion Guard. 

50) Flit- Pocahontas (1995). Flit is the stubborn hummingbird that watches over Pocahontas. He is pretty good & cute. 

51) Eagles- Pocahontas (1995). The eagles are when Pocahontas is singing “Colors of the Wind”. There’s only 2 of them. 

52) Baby Bird in Nest- The Hunchback of Norte Dame (1996). This bird is so cute; this bird is scared to fly until Quasimodo convinces it that it’s ok to fly. “Nobody wants to be cooped up here forever.” 

53) Doves- The Hunchback of Norte Dame (1996). These doves (I think) follow one of the gargoyles around all the time. It drives her crazy! 

54) Pain & Panic as Birds- Hercules (1997). We see these two as birds when Meg is supposed to find Hercules’ weakness. These are the only “birds” in the film. 

55) Shan- Yu’s Falcon Hayabusa- Mulan (1998). This falcon sees everything & tells Shan-Yu. It’s kinda creepy! I also did not know that Hayabusa was its name until doing further research. In the end, Mushu fries it’s feathers off and it’s hilarious.

56) THE Bird- A Bug’s Life (1998). This was the first bird done by Pixar! And it’s not just this bird who tries to eat everyone, there’s the fake bird the ants made, AND the real bird’s chicks which we see at the end, eating Hopper. 

57) Big Bird- Tarzan (1999). I have no idea what this bird is called, but Tarzan & Turk try to rope it as kids but are unsuccessful….  after research, the bird is most likely a Shoebill!

58) Parrots in Jungle- Tarzan (1999). These are the birds that Jane tries to draw. Then, Tarzan takes her into the trees where they all live to see tons of them. Btw, this scene is beautiful. 

59) Donald Duck & Daisy- Fantasia 2000(1999). Yes, we get to see Donald & Daisy in this one! They are part of the Noah’s arc scene… 

60) Other birds- Fantasia 2000(1999). Here are all the other birds in this masterpiece film…. There’s the Famingo with a Yoyo: 

Birds in the sky while those whales fly: 

And lastly, the evil Fire bird: 

61) Tip the Penguin- The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea(2000). Tip is a penguin who hangs out with a walrus. Melody- Ariel’s daughter- meets these two after turning into a mermaid.

62) Singing Hummingbirds- The Tigger Movie (2000). These Hummingbirds help Tigger sing his sad song about being lonely. Yes, they hum, and it’s a sneaky reference to the ones in Songs of the South. Nice one Disney! 

63) Ted- Monsters Inc. (2001). Ted is a big bird monster. We only see his feet BUT he caws like a rooster, so do the math. Lol 

64) The Ugly Duckling – Lilo & Stitch (2002). Stitch reads the story about The Ugly Duckling one night. Later, he sees a family of ducks & no ugly duckling. 

65) Flock of birds- Brother Bear (2003). When Kenai turns into a bear, he hears these birds talking as they fly above him. I believe the same birds are at the salmon run as well. 

66) Nigel- Finding Nemo (2003). Nigel is a pelican who gets along with the dentist fish. He also gets Marlin & Dory to the dentists office to find Nemo. There are also the other pelicans with him in the harbor. 67) Seagulls- Finding Nemo (2003). 1 word…… “MINE!” 

68) Ace Cluck- Chicken Little (2005). Ace is the star of this movie, who thinks the sky is falling. But everyone calls him Chicken Little.

69) Buck Cluck- Chicken Little (2005). Buck is chicken little’s Dad who tries to get Ace to stop saying that the sky is falling. 

70) Rest of birds in town & school- Chicken Little (2005). There are quite a few more animals in this film, and more birds of course. So, here’s the rest of them: Mayor Turkey Lurkey who is in fact a turkey. Then there’s Goosey Loosey who’s a goose at school & lastly, Abby Mallard who is a duck & a friend of Chicken Little.

71) Valiant & other Pigeons- Valiant(2005). Valiant is the main character of this movie. Honestly, I never watched this one. I didn’t realize it was even Disney until later. I know, I’m lame but it’s on my list of ones to watch. And really Disney, 2 bird films in one year?!

72) Birds in Pixie Hallow- Tinker Bell(2008). The fairy named Fawn works with animals. Before Tink knew what her niche was, she tried to help animals but epically failed with these bluebirds in a nest. 

There are of course birds in all the other pixie movies. There are owls, doves, and bluebirds again as well. They do live in a forest of Neverland basically.

73) Pigeons- Bolt (2008). Bolt meets some Pigeons who are pretty dumb, but also very funny. He’s asking them for help on where to find Penny. They can’t place him but they know he’s familiar.

74) Kevin- Up (2009). KEVIN! Is a big, rainbow, ostrich like bird in paradise falls. Kevin also has babies. Who else wanted a bird like this?! 

75) Pigeon who eats the tortilla- Toy Story 3 (2010). When trying to escape the box & the day care center, Mr. Potato head puts himself on a tortilla to hide better. But he comes across a pigeon who pokes a hole in the tortilla, & eats it. 

76) Bluebirds- Tangled (2010). They are only in this movie for a second; they fly by Rapunzel when she’s singing after getting out of her tower.

77) Eagle- Brave (2012). This eagle flys above Merida before she climbs the Firefalls. We don’t see it long, but it’s there!

78) Monster Birds- Monsters University (2013). I know it’s not a real bird, but it looks like a pigeon with two heads & a horn!! Pretty funny!

79) Becky- Finding Dory (2016). Becky is a crazy bird who helps Marlin & Nemo get to Dory. It’s pretty funny– “Ooh roo!”

80) Hei Hei- Moana (2016). Hei Hei is the hilarious Chicken who doesn’t have much brains. 

81) Pico the Tucan- Encanto (2022). I didn’t know this cute guy was named Pico but he is! He is the first Tucan to meet Antonio & grace us with the little boy’s gift.

82) Jungle Birds- Encanto (2021). In Antonio’s new room, he gets several different birds that reside in his jungle. We see some small ones fly out of a nest when Bruno starts his vision.

Surprisingly, there were NO BIRDS in Zootopia…. why?! Idk, ask Disney. But this is the end of the LONG Disney bird list!! Thank you for reading this one!

Last updated: 4/6/2022

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Here’s a funny comic from Amy Mebberson who makes Pocket Princesses comics. Thought this one was cute with Scuttle!


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  2. Bob

    In the Kiss the gorl scene of Little Mermaid, you lef out the 2 Birds holding open the curtain, can you tell us what kind of birds they are ? Have a friend that needs to know and wants to be accurate. Thanks

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  3. Kate

    Just wanted to say the other two of the three caballeros are José Carioca, the Brazilian parrot, and Panchito Pistoles, the Mexican rooster. José first featured in Saludos Amigos in 1942!


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  5. VCorbett

    Thank you for saving me hours down an adhd rabbit hole to find the little bird in Fox and the Hound.
    Look at you saving lives six years in the future. Good job, 2017 you!

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