JustFab & WHY You Should Try It!

JustFab.com… have you tried it yet? I think you should. I have….

I was happily surprised that I enjoy it so much after signing up in November. I sighed up because the hit tv show, Project Runway was sponsored by JustFab. Not only were they sponsored, BUT they also had a challenge where the winner’s item would be sold on the website! Of course, the winner was Laurence Basse with this KILLER jumpsuit… 

I HAD to have it. So, I took a leap & signed up for my first members-only shopping site. I had to wait a month to get the jumpsuit, naturally it was sold out. When I got it, I loved it! Take a look….

Now. I’m short & obviously not a model size, but I think I look dang good! And of course it is slightly different than what was on the show, which is ok. I’m so happy with this purchase, not to mention the others I’ve done. So let me talk about the site some more. 

JustFab.com is a members-only shopping site. Yes, you have to sign up to use it. The details:

  • You have to know if you’re going to shop on the site by the 5th of every month. AND if you decide not to shop that month, you have to skip the month. Yes, you can skip & still shop later. That’s what I do so that I have more time. Plus, I sometimes get paid after the 5th, and ya need money to shop right?! Lol. 
  • Shipping is free for any purchase over $39.95! Pretty awesome! 
  • You get points for every dollar you spend, AND for every review you write.
  • You can cancel anytime! I haven’t yet, and idk if I will.

You get styled based on what items you pick. I am a girl next door, which I figured. Lol They suggest outfits, shoes & you can of course pick what you like OR order just from the site & not your boutique. I’ve done both. 

Like I said, you can shop whatever you want! You just have to sign up of course. I know it can be a pain, but it’s not as bad as you think… 

Yup, it’s true, they’ve been running for 7 years! Congrats JustFab! 

Another thing, once you become a certain level in your membership, you can join their program PS. PS is a Personal Shopping assistant that creates a box for you to try things on at home! Then, you can decide to buy them, return them or whatever! Read below…

Pretty cool! I tried it and it was better than I expected. I didn’t keep everything, but it was fun to check out! I think it’s the smartest idea, honestly. So many people hate trying on clothes. So wouldn’t you rather try it at home? Yeah, genius! 

So, Happy Birthday JustFab! Everyone should try it, I mean why not? The clothes are made with very good quality & are easy to exchange, return or better yet, KEEP! 

So try it if you haven’t, I think you’ll like it. Just be careful & don’t lose all your money! Lol


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