Prince Phillip vs. Prince Phillip?

Ok, ok, I know you’re probably confused. So let me explain…

Lately, Disney is having fun doing live-action remakes of their classic animated films. They just did Beauty & the Beast, and it was awesome!! Yes, there are a few things I’m sure some people didn’t like, and things we did. Like, I’m happy they cleared up some confusion on things, like the weather! Thank you Disney!!

Anyways, back to this. With more live-actions coming up, I figured it’s time to look back at one of their first ones: Maleficent. 

I realize that it is through her point of view, instead of the fairies & Aurora’s like the original animated film Sleeping Beauty. But still, you know we were ALL comparing them. I know that Aurora was great & so was Maleficent. Most of the characters weren’t bad. I didn’t like the fairies, they were too ditsy. However, it is how Maleficent viewed them, and that’s how we see them. But my BIGGEST flaw I found, was in a very main character in the original…

Prince Phillip. 

Prince freaking Phillip: the definition of smooth. In Sleeping Beauty, Prince Phillip was hot! And he went after what he wanted, fast! Plus, he was a smooth talker. He stole Aurora’s heart in 1 minute! And he could sing! So suave, I’m jealous. He even tried to smooth talk his father, and it worked!

So, let’s compare! The original Prince wore a beautiful get-up: Red cape, sleek grey & black outfit, with boots & THE BEST horse-Samson! And Samson is white with a black mane… remember that…. 

Great, right?!

Now, let’s get to the live-version Phillip: All white horse, with a blue dress kind of outfit, brown cape, and puffy white sleeves… the only thing the same is the hair color… and the boots. Yes, he’s cute & younger to match Aurora. I get the appeal, but he’s not so hot you wanna run away with him. He doesn’t sing, he doesn’t even know if he loves her in this one! Wtf?!

And wait a minute, didn’t the fairies give him the sword?? Again, I get it, there was no “true love” in Maleficent. That’s fine. But the dress thing? Why?? Let me show you this….

Remember Prince Charming from Snow White? Well let’s take a look…

Oh yeah, this guy. Now, look at his outfit….. Look familiar?

WOW! The only difference is the hat because there isn’t one! LOL. So, they made Prince Phillip more poofy like Prince Charming. Oh I mean The Prince. She calls him her charming, and somewhere his name is Prince Florian. Either way, Phillip looks more like him. It’s hilarious! Honestly, where’s the spark? The beautiful dance in the forest or better yet, the dragon fight?!

Well, I guess that’s ok, we didn’t want her dead in the live-action anyways. But it still would’ve showed off Phillip’s talents. It’s pretty crazy how different something can be. But it’s funny how similar he looked like Prince Charming. 

I have to applaud Disney for getting the Beast right on their new Beauty & the Beast. I just hope they keep it up in their new films to come. It’s ok if they don’t all sing, but make them look closer to the original please! See, they did great with the Beast: 

EVEN when he turned human…. HOTTIE!!!

So keep it up Disney we love it! We all want to find out prince, and making these are great for us Disney fans & hopeless romantics… 

The End!

Thanks for reading! All the photos were from Google. 👏🏼😍 I loved writing this one.


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