Evie Blender Review

Who has heard about the Evie Blender?? I HAVE! It’s a fairly new product to help you apply make up, and it’s really cool. 

This is what it looks like: 

The Evie Blender. “The only textured silicone Blender that blends like a sponge, lasts 4xs as long & wont absorb product” according to their Instagram profile. This patent pending product is quite a trip & is quickly becoming a hit. The creators have shared many videos & photos on their Insta on how to use it. Mainly, they talk about using it for foundation & concealer. You can use half of the amount of cover up you would normally use on this. It’s supposed to blend well and many people say it helps the make up spread properly–it doesn’t feel as heavy. Make up artists were using them on movie stars, and it has been blogged on many websites, including Cosmopolitan. 

After seeing this I got quite excited, so I had to order it. I ordered it in March and apparently the company had just started. Let me share my experience….

They started pre-selling on the Kickstarter sight to campaign enough money to start a website/spread the word I believe. Millions of people purchased them through that site. I ordered when they had their own website, evieblender.com. I ordered the glitter gold Blender. Little did I know that it would take a while. They not only sold them on those 2 sites, they also sold them on Indiegogo. Each site had different colors as well! I think they didn’t realize how many people rush to try new make up tools. With all the madness, Instagram users started bugging about when their blenders would be shipped–including myself, I’m not ashamed to admit it. The initial email upon ordering said they planned to send them out my sometime in early April. It was after April 9th that people started freaking.

Think about it: you ordered this cool looking product, are dying to try it, and are worried it got lost in the mail, or something else happened. Anything can go wrong ordering online and it’s a risk we ALL take. So the company took to Instagram to release a status report, thank goodness!! I got mine right before Mother’s Day, in May. It was ok that it took so long. However, it came in a nude color instead of gold. Luckily, the company was one step ahead of me: they sent me an email the day it arrived about the possibility if the wrong color. They kindly offered to send me a new one when I sent a picture of what I received. Gladly I did so, and ordered the Stardust silver one instead. 

They sent this one to me super fast and it got to me the next week. I still had the original one, so I gave it to my mom as a bonus Mother’s Day gift! Why not, right? I was pretty stoked once I got it. Filled with excitement, I grabbed one and tested it out! And here’s what I found…

I don’t wear much makeup. Like barely any apparently. Being an ex-dancer, I don’t like to feel millions if layers on my face. Feeling that for 16 years was long enough. So, when I tried a little less cover up on this than on my brush, it wasn’t enough to smooth it out. I ran out too quickly & my face looks WAY too dark compared to normal. I next tried my concealer, using less of a swipe than normal. THIS WORKED PERFECTLY!! Even to cover up pimples, it was flawless. 

My discovery was surprising for me, but I wasn’t mad. I decided I would continue to use my brush for my cover up until I could figure it out better. But I will always use it for concealer. Plus, I can use it for my cream eyeshadow that I use as a base everyday. It’s great for that too! For you ladies who don’t use much makeup, here’s what I use for the base of my makeup, everyday!

I would rate this item 4 out of 5 stars since I don’t use that much cover up & it seems to need more than what I use, but less than makeup artists typically use. On the other hand, I LOVE how easy it is to clean. And it works well for many different things, the possibilities are endless!

In terms of experience when it comes to ordering, before getting the first one that came in the wrong color, I would say a 3 out of 5 stars because at that time, there wasn’t much communication besides on social media. That’s fine for me, but for people who don’t like social media, that would suck. AFTER receiving a new one in a different color after the mix up, I would bump up the rating to 5 out of 5 stars. Here’s why: the communication was better, especially via email, and it was much faster shipping. So hopefully things can stay that way for this new company & awesome product.

Thanks for reading! This was my first makeup review & I’m pretty excited to use this one. Get yourself an Evie Blender now!

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