Calling You….

I’m in a music lyrics kind of mood tonight….

Most of you may have never heard this song before. You should look it up! But sadly it’s not on iTunes. I know, lame right?! 

That’s right, I downloaded it elsewhere and got it to work on my iTunes & iPod. It was even a free download! This song is on old song by miss Celine Dion! So here are the lyrics of the beginning & chorus (which repeats often) and seriously, listen to it somewhere. It’s beautiful!

Calling You

A desert road from Vegas to nowhere…

Someplace better than where you’ve been.

A coffee machine that needs a little fixing in a little cafe just around the bend.

I am calling you!

I know you hear me….

I…. I am calling you….

This song seriously describes how I feel right now. I’m tired of lack of communication everywhere I turn…. uh.

Thanks for reading! This was a short one but that’s ok! 

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