Hi everyone!

I recently wrote a two page editorial for a family member’s new business. They talked to a local magazine & were able to get the slot for an ad with a free space for an editorial in January’s issue. The magazine is Equine & Canine News. My local Californians may have heard of it.

Anyways, I wrote it & I just found out this week that it has gotten over 6,000 views/reads! I’m so excited! Not just for me, but for my family too. I’ve been helping them run their new Instagram for their shop & advertise some too. This was just one more thing they asked me to do and I’m very proud of it!

If anyone wishes to read it, it is on the website Equine & Canine News and just click the menu option “current issue”. The editorial is on page 5 for the SLO County business called EQ-Wine Covers Co. If anyone wants to visit the shop after reading, all the details are in their ad in the editorial!

I’m super excited about this & I’m really feeling like me again; I know I can write, but I love to edit. I haven’t had a chance to do something outside of blogging for a while now. And this has boosted my self esteem which has been low this past year. Even with job promotions & success like this, it’s hard to be positive lately when I’m so lonely.

Thank you everyone for the support & for following my blog!! I couldn’t have done it without this blog coming first. Maybe there will be more editorials in my future… who knows?!


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