Duchess The Aristocat: Her Backstory 

We’ve all seen the Disney movie The Aristocats. Duchess is the beautiful, white, mother cat to her 3 kittens. We see what their life was before the butler dumped them in the countryside, but how did Duchess get to have the kittens? How did she get her home? This is a short story series that shows my idea of Duchess’s past.

I’ve always wondered about some Disney characters that we don’t see the whole story of. Please note– I am not affiliated with Disney, this is just my idea of what happened. And don’t worry, we will do O’Malley too after this series. 😉
Duchess’ Backstory

Part 1

It was a warm morning in spring. A little white kitten opens her eyes & see’s the blur of daylight. She stands up & stretches while soaking in the warm sun. As her eyes start to focus, she see’s grass. In the distance is the house; big and elegant as ever. The kitten started to walk towards the house when suddenly, she heard a noise. Her left ear moved back and she froze. As she turned her head, she hears grass moving behind her. Before panic could set in, a big black & white body stood next to her. It was just her mother.

“Where are you going darling?” the mother cat asked.

“I was gonna see the house,” the white kitten replied.

“Well let’s all go together then,” Mother said. She turned her head back and meowed “Come along everyone!”

From behind a pile of hay ran out 4 more kittens. They all followed their mother’s call and came out from the stables. There were two black & white kittens who looked just like their mother. Then there was a light grey one, followed by a orange tabby with a hint of brown on his forehead. As they started to run past the white kitten, her mother passed by and said “Oh, and it’s a mansion sweetie, not a house.” Puzzled, the kitten sat back for a moment. However, she quickly forgot and ran to catch up to them.

As they entered the “mansion”, all the kittens looked around in awe. Most of them had just opened their eyes only days ago. They saw huge paintings on walls, felt soft rugs on their paws, and walked into what Mother called a “living room”. Mother cat got all of her kittens to sit peacefully on what she called “the couch”. The only one who didn’t sit calmly was the grey kitten; he was playing with tassels from a pillow instead. Once they were all seated, Mother let out a loud meow. The kittens looked around the room and wondered who she was calling. They had everyone.

Suddenly, all their ears perked up and turned to the right–facing the hallway. They heard loud footsteps getting closer and closer. The black & white twins sunk into each other, feeling scared of what was next. The only one not scared was the little white kitten. She sat properly like Mother had said. Finally, the footsteps turned into tall things walking into the room. The white kitten watched in amazement as 5 of them came in. Mother said “These are humans. They are here to meet you.”

These humans were all different sorts. There was a short, fat one with brown hair, wearing pants & a jacket. Next to him was a tall one in a dress. She had black hair. There was another one that looked just like her but younger, and she was wearing a fancier dress. Then, there were two that seemed younger than the rest. One was a girl and had long brown hair. The other was a boy with brown hair as well. He was the smallest. He pet the mother cat as he walked by her, sitting perfectly by the door.

“Hello Fiona. How are you today?” The mother cat, Fiona, meowed at the boy & then rubbed on his leg. As he giggled, all of Fiona’s kittens looked at her in shock. The orange kitten cried out, “Who’s Fiona mother?” She looked at him and motioned him to be quiet as the humans lined up in front of the couch.

“I want a spotted one!” shouted the young boy as he pointed at the kittens. One of the twins buried her head into her brother. As the boy reached for one of them he was interrupted by his mother.

“Paul, wait. We agreed that it would be the oldest of you children to choose first.” Paul’s grin dropped to a frown and all the kittens felt his energy drop. They all sunk into their paws, staying firmly in their spot. The mother looked to the girl in a fancy dress and said “Adelaide, go ahead and choose.”

“Oh I think I know which one I want,”Adelaide replied. “However, I think Paul can go ahead and choose. I already know which one he wants.” She winked to her little brother. Paul’s eyes lit up like the sky. He looked at the twins and gently grabbed the boy black & white kitten.

“This one is the one. It’s a boy right mama?” Paul said looking up to his mother as he held the kitten to his chest.

“Yes I think so. But now his twin sister may be lonely,” the mother responded. She looked to her husband, the short, stout man. He was father of the children. The father squatted down to Paul and whispered “If she doesn’t get chosen, you can keep them both. BUT that means more responsibility young man.” Paul grinned & waited patiently.

“What about me?! Can I have two too?” said the young girl.

“Irene, wait your turn,” her mother exclaimed. Irene crossed her arms and let out a large huff. “You know it’s Adelaide’s turn.”

Adelaide got down on her knees in front of the couch. She looked at each kitten carefully. Knowing her little brother wanted both twins, she passed the black & white girl. She also passed they grey one. She stopped between the white kitten & the orange tabby. Adelaide pet each one with good scratches on the tops of their heads. Both kittens liked this feeling. The white kitten liked it so much that she let out a purr. As she did, all the humans made an “Aww” noise. Her eyes popped wide open, and she sat back in her spot. She sat perfectly again with her tail wrapped around her feet. As she looked up, her blue eyes pierced into Adelaide’s heart. Adelaide smiled widely, “This is the one for me. What a cute little girl.” She gently picked up the white kitten and snuggled her into her arms. The kitten didn’t know what this meant, but it felt lovely.

Irene picked the orange tabby & asked if she could keep the grey kitten too. Her parents hesitated, but they caved and said she could. Paul picked up his other twin and skipped over to a chair in the corner with them. Irene took the rest couch with her mother, while Adelaide went to the windowsill.

“Now then, what are their names?” asked the father. “Paul, you can go first.”

Paul looked at the boy, “This one is spot. He has a spot on his belly.” The girl kitten reached her paw towards his nose in a stretch. “The girl is gonna be… Madeline!”

Irene got excited and exclaimed “Ooh, my grey kitten will be Fluffy! My orange one will be Julian.” The family chuckled at her names. She was very proud of them.

The Mom looked at all her children. She could tell they were happy. “What about yours Adelaide dear?”

Adelaide held her white kitten up in the sunshine. “I shall have to call you Duchess. Your such a pretty girl.” She touched noses with her kitten so sweetly. Duchess was filled with joy. All the kittens were happy. Some even drifted to sleep in their owner’s arms. None of them saw how proud Fiona was by the door. As the parents left the room, Fiona’s proudness turned to sadness. She stood up and disappeared down the hall towards the parents. She knew that her kittens wouldn’t need her much longer.


As days passed, the kittens all got bigger. All the kittens were together in the house or with their chosen owner. The only ones that drifted to Fiona often was Duchess on occasion & Madeline. They kept each other company in mornings while the Mom would do things around the mansion. However, Madeline had her twin brother to play with. Fluffy & Julian had each other as well. Duchess would sit in the sun and watch what everyone was doing. It was her favorite & it was very entertaining! The other kittens often ran through the house together in the afternoon.

Duchess was sitting in her favorite window seat one day when she heard something. “Duchess!! Where are you? Come find me!” It was her human, Adelaide. She hoped down from the stool & ran as fast as she could down the grand hallway. She looked right, then left. But she didn’t see Miss Adelaide.

“Duchess, I’m over here!”

Duchess flipped around, and there she was. She must have run right past Miss Adelaide who went to the front door. Oops! She ran back over to her as fast as she could.

“You silly, sweet lady,” Adelaide said as she bent down. She picked Duchess up and held her close. The kitten started to purr, she loved being held.

“Would you like to go on an outing with me my Duchess?”

Duchess meowed back nice and loud. “It’s a date then! Momma, I’m going shopping.”

Her mother gave her a little list of some things to grab on their outing. Adelaide carried Duchess outside & headed to a carriage. Duchess could smell the grass & enjoyed the sunshine. As they got into the carriage, Adelaide sat Duchess across from her.

“You’ll sit there my love. Now, let me look at you.” Duchess looked at Adelaide & wondered why she had to sit across from her. “You look like a beautiful painting Duchess.” Duchess let out a loud meow. She didn’t want to sit by herself. Adelaide pet her on the head and then sat back. Maybe she didn’t understand Duchess’s meowing? Duchess tried another tactic; she reached her paw & touched Adelaide’s knee. Adelaide looked at her and sighed.

“Do you want to sit with me?” It was like she read the kitten’s mind. Duchess leaped over and curled up on her human’s lap. It was warm & always made her happy. The carriage pulled out of the barn & headed into town.

Adelaide took Duchess everywhere. They rode by a big thing called the Eiffel Tower. Duchess had never seen anything so big. She thought the mansion was big!

They went into a place called a restaurant. This place had food for Adelaide & Duchess. All people did was eat in this nice looking place. Next, they went to a store that had all kinds of clothes, jewels and more! Duchess liked to watch the jewels sparkle. She even tried to play with them. After a long day of what Adelaide called “shopping”, Duchess was tired. So, they headed home as the sun was setting behind them.

“I love that Paris sunset Duchess,” Adelaide sighed. Duchess looked around and wondered what “Paris” was. So she let out a meow & turned her head to one side. Her big blue eyes were wide with question. “What is Paris? Paris is where we live darling,” Adelaide said as she picked Duchess up and held her by her head. “It is a beautiful city filled with romance & elegance.” They looked out on the world of Paris. It was filled with wonder. However, Duchess was ready to be at home in her warm bed. Adelaide kissed Duchess’s head as the carriage turned into their barn.

They entered the mansion and Duchess’s siblings came running. “Where did you go?” asked Madeline. “You smell funny!” exclaimed Spot. “Yes, I went shopping,” Duchess said as she lifted her head up. All the kittens smelled & licked her as Fiona walked up. “I’m glad you enjoyed yourself dear.” “Thanks mother,” said Duchess as she licked Fiona’s chin. Fiona cleaned her daughter’s forehead and then they all went into the kitchen. It was time for supper.

Needless to say, these kittens had quite the life in a big mansion. But it had only just begun….

Thanks for reading!! Stay tuned for part 2, coming soon!!


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