Then Let My Heart Be Hardened…..

“How could you have come to hate me so?

Is this what you wanted?!

Then let my heart be hardened, and never mind how high the cost may grow….”

-The Plagues; The Prince of Egypt

Have you ever felt like you were living in a lie? Or better yet, feel like you’ve always been lied to by several people?

Ya. Me too.

As an adult, I’m discovering so much more, and some of it, I really didn’t want to know. It’s like, ever since I was 13, I’ve been chipping at an iceberg of truth and I can’t tell what’s left. Just when I think I’ve learned it all, I’m proven wrong….

WAY wrong.

And this goes for SO many situations. It just snowballs. A good example of how messed up life can be is when your dumped. Let’s say you were just dumped and being the stupid, young, teenager you were, you ask “Why?!” NEVER ASK WHY when being dumped.

The answer is always a lie! “It’s not you, it’s me” is typically not true. There has only been one time it was true in my life and it was because I realized I wasn’t ready for a new relationship. It was too soon–yes, there is such a thing. If you’ve felt it before, you understand.

I once got the answer “My Mom thinks your too timid so I probably shouldn’t go out with you.” First of all, this was in middle school so it’s already stupid. Second, our first date was his mom’s wedding. Tell me that’s not awkward?!?!

Very awkward.

In short, life is full of lies. It is part of being human: we don’t want to disappoint or look stupid, so we lie. Some lie through their asses about minor things. They do it so much that they end up telling a huge lie and then you can never look at them the same. Or they believe their own lie so much that it lasts for a whole year until someone tells them they are wrong (Only in Extreme cases).

Some people “never lie” unless they are in trouble or are stressed. I’m pretty sure retail teaches us how to lie better with a smile even! I’ve had to do it too because corporate didn’t give me the answer why to your question.

Our lives have been plagued by lies & hate. It is growing in the USA. We need to go back to actual truthful relations with people–other humans!

We need to break that social awkwardness & actually interact again! I’m looking for new ways to “get out there” but still be comfortable. And if anyone has ideas I’m all for them!

We need to be kind to each other again instead of waking into a place mad. Someone once said to me “you never know what happens to someone in their day”. However, this goes both ways. If you come into my work and want one of my associates to be basically your personal shopper, I and typically the associate would be pretty annoyed! You don’t know that we are short staffed, have tons of things to do & that associate your demanding spends time with you needs to go cover a break. Or was leaving work for the day. You can’t demand anything from anyone. That’s just rude! Yes, customers are first & customer service is key. But people aren’t getting paid minimum wage to like it.

All I’m saying is, be kind to strangers. Don’t lie, and don’t call them a liar when you don’t know them! If you do know them than call them out on it. Sometimes people need…..



Thank you….. next!

Thanks for reading my blog! This was a vent session for sure. But seriously, be kind to people, we don’t need a war within our country.

Have a nice day!!

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