Disney Animals List: Pigs

Yes you read that title right….

Disney animated PIGS!!!

Here is a complete list of Disney & Pixar Animated Pigs! We will start with movies all the way in the beginning. There are a few movies I never saw in the early 2000s (I know, it’s crazy) so if there’s animals from them I missed, please tell me! I will not be offended. But on all the other classics films and such, I know what I’m doing…

Now, The 3 Little Pigs was a Disney Cartoon but not a film. However, they are the first pigs we see. I have some family members who show pigs for 4-H, so it inspired me. How many others are there?? Let’s find out!

1) Dancing Pigs- Robin Hood(1973). Yup. Our first Disney pigs in a movie aren’t seen until almost 30 years after Walt Disney’s first film. The pigs in this movie are dancing & playing instruments! Pretty fun!

2) Piglet- The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh(1977). Piglet!! We finally meet Piglet who is adorable. And then we see him again later in all the other Pooh movies, including his own movie, Piglet’s Big Movie in 2003.

My personal favorite is in the new movie from 2011 where he cannot knot. LOL every time!!!

3) Hen Wen- The Black Cauldron(1985). Hen wen is a cute, standard pig. Except, she’s magical! Now, I’m not an expert on this movie, personally it freaks me out. But I remember this pig & the scene pictured below.

This movie has always tripped me out. I STILL don’t know what the heck Gurgi is….

4) The Razorback- The Rescuers Down Under(1990). “Did you know there was a Razorback in my truck??” Now, a Razorback is a type of wild pig/boar. Very popular in Australia. And this guy is Bernard’s ride to go rescue everyone. I love how Bernard pulls out his bravery to control this guy like Jake.

5) Dijon Pig- Ducktales the Movie(1990). Dijon, the bad guy’s side kick, gets turned into a pig from a dog. I almost forgot about this scene (which was short).

6) Farm Pig- Beauty & the Beast(1991). There are some pigs in this one! There are a few in the town and then this cute one that was enjoying his mud puddle until…….

SO great! No one wears pigs like Gaston…

7) Pumbaa- The Lion King(1994). MY personal favorite from my favorite movie. He’s a warthog with some issues if you stand downwind… BUT he’s quite the character. Timon & Pumbaa are quite the comedians….

A quote for you nerds like me:

Simba: “Man I’m stuffed.”

Pumbaa: “Me too. I ate like a pig!”

Simba: “Pumbaa, you are a pig.”

Pumbaa: “oh, right…..” {insert laughing emoji lol}

8) Hamm- Toy Story(1995). “You uncultured swine!!” Lol Hamm is the “piggy bank” from Andy’s toys in Toy Story. He’s in all the Toy Story movies of course.

9) Hugo the Gargoyle- The Hunchback of Notre Dame(1996). Ok, this is a small stretch, but he’s clearly a type of pig that’s a gargoyle! He’s the comedian of the group.

Oh, and he loves goats! Lol

10) Pig Monster- Hercules(1997). Hercules kicks some monster but! Including this giant hog thing. Sorry, I don’t know what it was called in Greek Mythology.

11) Guard Hog- The Emperor’s New Groove(200). When all of Yzma’s potions spill, one of the guards turns into a big warthog. We don’t see him for very long.

12) Runt- Chicken Little(2005). Runt is not exactly a runt is he? Lol he’s a nervous pig who’s friends with Chicken Little.

13) Mama Odie’s Snake- The Princess & the Frog(2009). You read that right, Mama Odie’s snake turns into a pig while she sings the awesome song “Dig A Little Deeper”. It’s pretty funny!

14) Archie the Scare Pig- Monsters University(2013). Fear-tech’s mascot! This wacky pig is so funny. And also crazy! Mike catches its after Sully stole it.

15) Pua- Moana(2016). Pua is Moana’s pet pig, and he’s adorable!!! This has to be one of Disney’s cutest pigs. What’s better than a pig chillin on a beach?!

16) Frantic Shop Owner Pig- Zootopia(2016). This pig’s Shop was just robbed by Weasleton! And he runs to Judy Hopps for help. Fun fact, this pig is voiced by Ginnifer Godwin’s husband Josh Dallas! Yup, Once Upon A Timers dream!!

17) DMV pig & more- Zootopia(2016). There is a lady pig getting her picture taken(somewhat) at the DMV. There is also a reporter pig and more in this amazing land of Zootopia.

That’s it!! That’s all the Disney pigs so far! Not even 20. Now, there are some in the live action films but I plan on doing a separate blog for those later.

Thanks for reading! These Animated lists are fun to make.

Last updated: 4/6/2022

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Photos: Google

Make sure to check back for more Disney Lists coming soon!


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