Disney Lists Coming soon

I need to do another Disney Animated Animals list!! It’s been a while & I’ve been getting discouraged lately from comments on some of them. It’s mainly pointing out animals I may have missed or are not animated. It’s funny, the only comments have been on the original Dog list… Are dog people more nit picky??! Lol just kidding. I have updated that lose a couple times lol

So, here are some that I have planned to do:

  • Animated sequence animals; I was going to do this by the species BUT there are only 3 of these movies. So I’m going to do it by each movie.
  • Disney Animated Animals: Rabbits
  • Disney Animated Animals: Reptiles; All the frogs, lizards and snakes (crickey!)
  • Disney Animated Animals: Cows/cattle
  • Disney Animated Animals: Fish
  • Disney Animated Animals: Mythical Creatures; so pumped for this one!!
  • Disney Animated Animals: Primates

I cant wait!! What Disney lists would you like to see?? I’d love to hear it!!


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