Disneyland Returns: It’s Possible!

You just went to Disneyland! The trip is over and you & your group did some shopping at the end. You buy several items, including some clothing. You get home and realize one of the items is too big (or too small). What now?

You don’t want to give it away, let’s face it, it was expensive. Everything Disney is! You don’t really want to sell it or nobody you know wants it. What do you do now?!

You can contact Merchandise Guest Services!! They will help you. It’s true! On the bottom of your receipt, there is a link to email or a phone number to call.

I would recommend calling. When I called to do a return for a shirt, they asked if I wanted to do an exchange. Heck yes!! The lady on the phone was so pleasant too. Now, there is a wait on the phone (cause how many other people are calling too?). But it was still worth it. I got my jersey in the correct size within 2 weeks. The faster you send them the original one you purchased, the quicker you get a new one!

If you don’t have time to wait on the phone, send an email! They respond pretty quickly unless it’s something unusual. Which they will try to help with. I’m currently working on something odd with them. When it’s all done, I’ll update this blog and share it with you guys!

* If you are still at the parks, you can return stuff there too! All returns have to be within 30 days. Which is typical in most stores.

*Disney Store does NOT take returns from Disneyland. They will take online returns but nothing straight from the parks. I have not tried this option, but it never hurts to ask someone.


So I had bought a droid from the new Galaxy’s Edge and within a week it stopped making noise! Everything else worked, but I was pretty bummed. I asked Disney about it when I called and they said they’d do some research. They weren’t sure which part needed replacing since this is a fairly new technology for them.

So, I waited…. and waited…….

Then in November, I had a trip to Disneyland planned. So I emailed back asking if I could just bring it to the park and have someone look at it. Of course, they advised me that there are certain park rules for the droids & I may not be able to. So I took the risk and brought it back to Disneyland!

One night we were just chilling in Batuu & I decided to ask a cast member if it was possible. I’d left my droid at the hotel room and wanted to bring it back in. She said it depended on the manager. After making a few calls, she said let’s see what we can do if you go get it right now. So I did!

They fixed it!! I got a new head exactly like before and it’s perfect! I was so happy that I convinced my aunt to get one, and I got another onehaha!

So needless to say, Disney helped me out. It was a great experience & I highly recommend it if you have any problems.

I hope this helps anyone out there who also bought something in the wrong size! It’s always hard when on a trip to get everything just right. Disney helps make it that much better!

**Have a magical day!!

*The clothes pictured are all from Disneyland. The jewelry pictured are from Stranded By Kylie on Etsy.com. My Etsy shop!

All pictures were taken by me.

Enjoy shopping!!!


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