Cricut For The Newbie

Hey guys!


So, my Aunt has had a Cricut Explore Air 2 for about a year now. Had we touched it? Nope.

Did we have time?? Nope.

It was something we were excited to do but scared and busy, all at the same time! We didn’t try to get into it until Christmas came around again… and we all know that’s crazy. The holidays are always nuts!

So, after much trail and error (we had the wrong stuff), we started all over and got into it.

And now, we CAN’T STOP!

My Aunt wanted the Cricut to cut stuff out to put on clothes. And we will do that at some point. During the holidays we got inspired by something else. We first decided we wanted to use it to cut vinyl for labels. We have some of our food in plastic containers, and why not label them!

So, we went and bought some vinyl and started cutting! Here’s what we used:

  • Black Permanent Glossy Vinyl by Cricut
  • Regular Contact Paper
  • Blue Painters Tape
  • Cricut Explore Air 2- tools it came with too

And we made this….

And if you’re wondering… that is a Disney font! After looking on Pinterest for help on getting more fonts for free, we found where we could find millions of fonts to use for personal use! It’s very cool & easy to use. And they turned out pretty good!

We used the blue tape to help line everything up straight. We have done a few of them and they turned out great! We will be doing more and I will do a tutorial on them when we have fine tuned our process. Don’t worry, we will do TONS more.

But here is another vinyl that I can give you steps on right now!

An awesome sticker! And you can personalize it however you want! Here’s when we used:

  • Metallic Brushed Metal Vinyl by Cricut (part of a sampler roll)
  • Silver glitter Vinyl by Cricut & Martha Stewart (part of one of Martha’s Premium Vinyl rolls)
  • Regular Contact Paper
  • Strong Grip Transfer Tape by Cricut
  • Cricut machine & tools
  • Mickey & Friends Cricut Cartridge- old Cricut

Now, we put this on my laptop, but you can put it anywhere. If you have an old Cricut Cartridge like we did that you want to use, this is how!

When you are in Cricut Design Space, under canvas or make new project, there is an Images button. At the top right of it, there is a button titled Cartridges. Click on this and it tells you to connect your Cricut to download. Once your machine is plugged in, put the cartridge in the slot on the machine, and presto! Your old cartridge is on the computer. You just pick whatever image you want and go from there! Tell it what to cut & what size. The cricut & computer does the rest!

The Cricut even shows you how much space it’ll use before you cut it. You can move it too, that’s why we used a small square. The less vinyl wasted the better! This is when we used the black brushed metal vinyl.

Now we can apply it! But how? First you have to get the other vinyl off, leaving just the shape you want on the vinyl’s backing paper. You may need to use the weeder tool to separate the two pieces. But sometimes the bigger shapes just separate on their own.

Next, you cut some regular contact paper, and put it over the shape. Make sure it seals down, you can use the tools to help flatten it down. Once your ready, you can pull the white vinyl backing off slowly. Just make sure all of the sticker stays on the contact paper. After that, you can put it on whatever you want! Check out the video below….

And the first part is done! Pretty easy once you get used to it. If your worried about bubbles in the vinyl, you can rub some of them out. Most of them will go away over time, thank goodness!!

Now is the part that’s a little more creative! On Cricut Design Space, click the button Type when your in the canvas. Put in your name or whatever you want it to say, and pick your favorite font! The computer program shows you things you can buy & fonts you have on your computer. If you don’t like anything or don’t wanna buy something, use that website I linked above! There are some steps via Pinterest on how to use it as well.

Next, pick your glitter vinyl and get it set up on the mat for the Cricut! Now, the smaller the lettering, the harder it is to weed when your separating things. We tried using contact paper but it didn’t work. So, we used the Cricut Strong Grip transfer tape. This held onto the glitter lettering way better!

Follow the same steps as with the shape, just make sure it is all sealed. When you take off the white backing, go slowly & use your tools to help it stay down. Then you’re ready to place it!

Once you place it, seal it down & start gently peeling…. be careful, that strong grip is strong for sure!

And that’s it! All done & beautiful! You can add whatever you want to it too, that’s the best part! And the result is amazing.

There you have it! A start to vinyl stickers for Cricut Newbies like me. Once you start with something small like this or just words, you get the hang of it. There are tons of videos & tutorials on You Tube or the Cricut website as well. We can’t wait to make more! I get to make some for my Mom & Sister now too haha.

I will share more of my Cricut makings soon! So stay tuned. And happy belated holidays!

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