The Best Cat Toys

Who has cats?? ME!

I live with many, but only 2 cats are mine. When you have more than one cat, you find they all have different personalities. They also have different things they like to do. Whether it’s sleep all day or play, each cat is unique. Each cat has different things that motivate them too.

Some cats love ALL toys. Some cats only like a few or one favorite one. There are cats who don’t like any toys typically until they find their favorite one. Some cats need something that motivates them to play, like a noise or something that moves (by human or on its own). And some need a smell or food to get them going, like treats or catnip! There are some lazier cats that just need a scratcher or two.

So, I’ve decided to share some of the best toys & accessories that my family & I have found. Most of them are pretty cheap too!! I’ll share a few more expensive items at the end of the blog (laser, interactive toys, etc.) in case you have a clan that you want to spend money on too!

Ready, set, PLAY!!

Simple Toys

  • Little Mice Toys
  • These are fun & easy to find. You can get these little mice at and pet store nearby. They come in all different ways too. Some are just a simple string as the tail, some have fur or feathers. Either way, they are fun for most cats. Some of these even rattle! That noise makes it all the better for some true hunters. The best example of these I have is a video of my girl Nala playing with one we got her for Christmas last year. She plays with them all the time!!

    Crinkle Ball

    These are probably the cheapest toys at any pet store. It’s literally crinkled up cellophane. It makes noise, it might not feel the best in their teeth but who cares! Our cat that has no teeth STILL plays with them! (Dont worry, she hasn’t always been toothless Tink. The Vet-Dentist pulled them due to an infection. But she’s totally fine!) There are also new sizes of these balls. There’s a big one we got for our cats & it’s fun!

    Fur Ball

    We just recently found these balls & they are a blast!! They are made out of fur (fake or real, who knows). All fabrics have a smell & the fur is exciting for some of our cats. They can throw it in the air or roll it around. And if it breaks, take the stuffing out! It’s even more fun! We have one that we’ve had for a long time that is my little Nala’s favorite!

    Bell Ball

    Balls with bells come in all different ways. Sometimes the bell is on the outside or the inside. Sometimes the bell is super small & quiet or big & loud. Some of these don’t even have a bell, but they have something in them making a rattle type noise. Covered in plastic or fabric, these have been a fun cat toy for years!

    Spray Bottle Lid (Tink Toy)

    Yes! This one is free! Say you have a hairspray bottle with the small sprayer at the top. It comes with a little clear lid right? Or even a water bottle with a sip top & a clear lid. This is THE BEST & easiest toy for most cats! We call it a Tink Toy for 2 reasons: 1) It makes a tinking sound when it hits hard floor, and 2) Our cat Tink started this toy! Cats can carry it by their teeth or in their mouths. Until it breaks (which takes a LONG TIME), and it can’t hurt them. They can roll it, kick it, carry it or put it in something! Simba likes to put it in water and play with it. The possibilities are endless with this simple, plastic cap.

    The Catnip Toy

    There’s always toys with catnip in them at every pet store. Catnip stimulates cats through their nose. It’s like a candy or drug to them that they love. It can’t hurt them either! Some people feed their cats catnip plants (which I don’t recommend). But catnip toys are safer & more fun. They can toss it or as we say “kill it” by kicking & bitting it. I haven’t met many cats that aren’t interested in catnip toys. But be careful if you have more than one cat: they can be very possessive in the moment with these toys. We have a few of these. One is actually called The Kickaroo, and the others are smaller but still great to kick. There are even ones that look like fruits or people food. Simba is showing them off below…

    Floppy Crinkle Fish

    It’s a fish!! This one is fun for your cat to toss around. They can be found at any pet store and in many colors. Plus they are cheap! The fabric is soft and they make a fun crinkle sound too.

    Plastic Chewing Toy

    These toys are great for kittens. They are also good for cats who like to chew on things. It’s a safer option for them. Some are even healthy for cats & help with their teeth! You can find any kind at most pet stores. Ones that bounce are double the fun! Mowgli, our bengal, loves them!

    Chirping Bird/Mouse

    Time for some noise! All cats like a chirping sound. My fluffy girl Alice has always liked a mouse that makes noise. Some of these come by themselves or on a string. She likes both! We have a bird one too, some of our other cats like that one. It’s fun & makes noise when they play with it. Some even have the bird “in a cage”. What can go wrong?? Our mouse in the picture is pretty beat up since Alice has played with it since she was a kitten.

    Feathered Bird/Animal

    Anything with a feather on it is just asking to be played with by a cat. The feathers help take cats back to their roots of catching birds or prey. The feathers also have a smell to them, giving more stimulation to their inner tiger. I found one at a pet store that my cats can’t get over! It’s so fun for them & it can kinda fly too.

    Interactive Toys

    DA Bird (feather stick)

    “DA bird” toy is the best. This brand created a toy that is endless entertainment for all cats alike. This involves a human of course. The feathers are on a string, connected by a fishing lure. This makes a cool whipping sound as the feather fly’s through the air. Now your cat really thinks it’s hunting a bird! Our cats go nuts about this toy. We’ve had to order tons of replacement feathers (which are available to buy). There are other feather toys out there too, but this one is THE BEST. Little Lucky in our next picture always “kills it”. He will even flip in the air sometimes!

    The Mouse

    When we say “the mouse”, we mean the best mouse. This little mouse is on a wire, attached to a stick. It’s a lot like Da Bird, but smaller. A few of our cats love to catch this little guy. Especially Nala & Marie! There are many forms of this toy as well, it depends on the store you go to. They are all fun to get your cats to play with. Marie is showing it off below.

    A Laser Toy

    Lasers are the best! There are handheld ones, but we love the ones that stand on their own. There are small ones, big ones, & double laser ones too! We have a big one and it usually does great for them. It even has a timer on it so it’ll shut off on its own. It’s great! I think it depends on how many cats you have in the house, then decide what type laser to get.

    A Ball On A Track

    We have several of these from different brands & in different ways. So I’ll show you them all!

    1) Tripple Levels

    This ball track has 3 levels. And it has 3 balls! It’s best for kittens with its size, but all cats play with it.

    2) Figure 8 Track/Movable

    This track can be in a figure 8 or more shapes! The pieces come apart and you can set it up however you want. We have 2 different kinds. One has covers on part of the top to protect the ball AND make it more of a game. The other one just has the ball, which one of our cats–Simba– knows just how to pop out.

    Butterfly Ball

    This one is new! We just got it before Easter and ALL our cats love it. It is a battery operated ball that has a butterfly on a wire, and it moves around! It will auto shut off in a few minutes when there has been no interaction. Once it’s moved, it picks up again! There is also an on/off switch. Just look at how much they liked it….

    Puzzle Box

    THIS is one of those cool toys that can be fun for any cats. It’s a box with several holes on the top & side. You can put any balls inside & it creates a game! The cat has to try and get it out of the box. There are many different kinds of these out there. The one we got is made out of really good wood so it’s more expensive. You could even make this out of cardboard if you wanted to! Here’s a video of Mowgli playing with it.

    Robot Fish

    This fish is quite amazing. We got these off Amazon and they turned out pretty good! The fish is small & swims in water by itself. It also has a little light inside. As the fish swims around, your cat tries to catch it! We had some fun with these and I highly recommend them if you have a cat that loves water.

    That’s it for the toys!! I have one more suggestion to help your cats stay happy….

    The Cat Tower

    Cat towers are so important for your cats to have. They get their scent on them, can climb them and scratch on them. It makes them happy. Most towers also have great places to sleep, so why not get one! You can get any size too!

    You can get a small one…..

    Or a big one! And this isn’t even the biggest tower I’ve seen. Haha anyways, it’s a great thing to have so your cat feels at home.

    Thank you for reading! Enjoy your cats & get them something fun. Here’s some websites where we’ve gotten some of ours toys, towers, and more:

    • And any local pet stores!

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