Disney Animals List: Fish


Yes it’s finally time for all the Disney fish in the world to swim together for this blog. Lol

Here is a complete list of Disney & Pixar Animated Fish! We will start with movies all the way in the beginning. There are a few movies I never saw in the early 2000s (I know, it’s crazy) so if there’s animals from them I missed, please comment & tell me! But on all the other classics and such, I know what I’m doing. Please note: after many comments of people wanting me to include animals from shorts, these lists are not for those. This includes ALL my lists prior to this one. These are full length animated films only.

Let’s start swimming!

1) Cleo- Pinocchio (1940). Our first fish is Cleo! One of the prettiest fish in the sea… or in Gepetto’s workshop. She’s cute, flirty, and has her own fish castle, what’s not to like??

2) Fish in the Ocean- Fantasia (1940). These fish are beautiful and look a lot like Cleo. They swim and dance to the beautiful Arabian music from The Nutcracker, with their fins moving around them like veils.

3) London Fish- Peter Pan (1953).

When Peter & Tink start their journey with Wendy & her brothers, they fly over some areas in London. Tinkerbell flies close to some water and then some fish try to eat her! Like she’s a bug. Luckily she gets away.

4) Merlin & Arthur as Fish- The Sword in the Stone (1963).

Who else loves this movie??! I do! Merlin turns himself & Arthur into fish! They see how wild it is, the danger & learn some things too.

5) Fish in Moat- The Sword in the Stone (1963).

More fish in this one! But these ones are actual fish to begin with. We have the following….

This pink catfish we see after Merlin & Arthur swim through the “tall grass again”. Then we have this big guy:

Who is evil!! Big fish in a small pond for sure.

6) Fish in River- The Fox & the Hound (1981).

When Todd first goes into the forest on his own, he is having a hard time. Then he meets Vixie. She’s cute & friendly. As Todd tries to show off & impress her, he attempts fishing…. it doesn’t go well. Haha but in the end, he still gets the girl. Here is that fish he was trying to catch…

7) Fish in Pond- The Brave Little Toaster (1987).

Yes, there is one fish in this underrated film. The fish is bright orange too! There is a scene when the main characters come up to a pond. A worm falls into it & the fish, a bird, & some frogs are racing to get the worm for lunch!

8) Orange Fish- The Little Mermaid (1989). Our first fish we see is this little orange guy who escapes Prince Eric’s ship! He then shows us the magical world of Atlantica…

9) Seahorse Herald- The Little Mermaid (1989). Our second fish-besides all the Mermaids- is this seahorse. He’s the announcer AND his name is Herald. Does it get any cuter?!?

10) Fish Band/ Fish in Theatre- The Little Mermaid (1989). We then see a lovely band of all kinds of fish! They are singing about King Triton & his daughters. This same band is the one we see later in the film during “Under The Sea”.

11) Flounder- The Little Mermaid (1989). We now get to meet Flounder…. FINALLY! I dont know about you, but when I think of fish, I always think of this guppy. He’s Ariel’s BFF-Best Fish Friend. Haha Flounder is super sweet & a good pal to have.

12) The Rest of The Little Mermaid Cast- The Little Mermaid (1989). I mean really, there’s also a shark, two eels, and that’s it! Ursula & the Mermaids are not actual fish, they are fantasy creatures. But there are way too many fish to count in this story. We also see most of these fish & a few new ones in The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea, AND Little Mermaid 3: Ariel’s Beginning (my personal favorite).

13) Fresh Market Fish- Aladdin (1992). “FRESH FISH! We catch ‘Em, you buy ’em!” Need I say more?? They are all dead anyways…

14) Big Fish- A Goofy Movie (1995). In rod film with Goofy & his son, they go on a camping trip to go fishing. However, we don’t see very many fish besides this guy…. but that’s why it’s a Goofy Movie right?!

15) Blue Fish- Hercules (1997). If you had a VHS or saw the commercial, you know what fish I’m talking about. This blue fish happens to be in the river where Hercules first meets & saves Meg. And when he loses his sword, he grabs the fish instead.

16) Fish in River- Mulan (1998). When Mulan & the men are in training, they try to catch fish with their hands. You see these fish in the water. When Mulan tries she misses and…. She got Yao’s foot instead. Haha too good! I love when Mushu comes out with a fish for her….

17) Fish Under Bridge- The Tigger Movie (2000). When Tigger is sad, he goes to the bridge & we see some fish when he’s singing. This scene is pretty cute too.

18) Flounder’s Guppies- Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea (2000). We meet Flounder’s kids! When Ariel becomes a mermaid again, we get to see grown up Flounder. He had 5 Guppies! They are pretty cute and look just like him.

19) Scared Fish Above- Return to Neverland (2002). When Jane starts walking around Peter’s hideout and doesn’t think it’s real, she sees two fish above her head and freaks out. They do too!

20) Captain Hook as a Fish- Return to Neverland (2002). We also get to see Hook as a fish! Yes, when the octopus sees him, he pictures him & the crew as a fish. It’s pretty funny and a good way to replace the crocodile.

21) Pudge the fish- Lilo & Stitch (2002). Pudge is a fish?? Haha he controls the weather! We see pudge in the very beginning of this cute film. He’s eating one of Lilo’s sandwiches while swimming with the other fish in the ocean. So cute!!

22) Marlin & Coral-Finding Nemo (2003). Alright, we’ve come to the hardest fish movie to do… Finding Nemo. So, these are Nemo’s parents, Coral & Marlin.

We all know what happens to Coral & Nemo’s siblings. So sad in the beginning of the movie!! But that brings us to our main character….

23) Nemo- Finding Nemo (2003). Nemo is Marlin’s only surviving son. But he got out with a scratch, or should I say Lucky Fin. We see how Nemo gets lost-and found- in this amazing Pixar film.

24) School Fish & Mr. Ray- Finding Nemo (2003). Nemo goes to school with several different types of fish, including a pink octopus (adorable!). These fish swim with their teacher, Mr. Ray. With his schoolmates is how Nemo gets separated from his Dad.

25) Dory- Finding Nemo (2003). As Marlin goes to find Nemo, he runs into Dory–literally. Dory becomes the comedic relief and later gets her own film!! We love Dory with her short term memory loss. She also teaches us to just keep swimming.

26) Dentist’s Tank Fish- Finding Nemo (2003). Nemo is put in a fish tank with several other fish. There’s Deb(and Flo), Gil, Gurgle, Peach, Bubbles & Bloat. Together, they get Nemo into their “club” and try to escape.

27) Silver School of Fish- Finding Nemo (2003). Dory & Marlin come across many fish in the ocean, but one of the funniest groups is the school of small silver fish.

28) Sharks- Finding Nemo (2003). Marlin & Dory run into a group of sharks who are trying not to eat fish… it doesn’t go so well. But Anchor, Chum & Bruce are pretty funny when we meet them.

29) Other Ocean Fish- Finding Nemo (2003). There are thousands of different fish in the ocean, and that includes this movie! We see fish near Marlin’s home, when they travel to find Nemo and more. I mean look at the movie poster!

The only thing not pictured is the whale! lol

30) Salmon Run Salmon- Brother Bear (2003). When Koda & Kenai get to the salmon run, there’s of course tons of salmon for them to catch and eat!!

31) Fish Out of Water- Chicken Little (2005). Yup, we have a fish out of water at the school… enough said.

32) Benjamin the Manatee- The Little Mermaid 3 (2008). Benjamin is the first & only Disney Manatee!! He helps Marina Del Rey (the villain) sometimes unwillingly. He helps in Atlantica with the princesses and tries to stay out of trouble.

33) Club Fish- The Little Mermaid 3 (2008). When Ariel takes her sisters to Sebastian’s underground night club, they meet all different kinds of dancing fish. This is also where we meet Flounder & the band!

34) River Fish- Brave (2012). When MerIda is with her (bear) mother, they catch fish together in the river to eat! This is a fun scene right before her mother forgets her again, and starts to turn fully into a bear….

35) Ocean Fish- Moana (2016). We see fish in the ocean when Moana is a baby AND when Tamatoa eats them in the realm of monsters. Moana also goes on her adventure to try to bring back the fish to her island.

36) Dory’s Parents- Finding Dory (2016). We finally find out what happened to Dory & meet her parents: Jenny & Charlie! They are so sweet & Dory is adorable as a baby.

37) Fish in Finding Dory- Finding Dory (2016). Once again, we have a ton of fish. This time, we see some in the Californian ocean, and in the marine life institute (or fish hospital). We even see a bunch of fish flying out of a truck!

38) Destiny & Bailey- Finding Dory (2016). In “the jewel of Morro Bay California” (which is where I’m from), we meet Destiny the whale & Bailey the beluga. They have been in the hospital because they were “sick” or can’t be in the open oceans alone. However, they escape and help Dory at the end of the movie!

39) Hank- Finding Dory (2016). Hank is an octopus (septepus) who wants to stay in a tank & go to Cleveland. After being with Dory, she convinces him to go be free in the ocean. He helps Dory find her parents, friends and escape.

40) Dead Fish- Encanto (2021). Bruno told this lady her fish would die, the next day… DEAD! Hahaha I just love the lyrics of this song. Lol

I think that is ALL the fish from Disney animated/Pixar films. It’s clear, most of them are from the Finding Nemo/Dory franchise. Which is totally ok!! They are cute! And at least there’s only like one dead fish. This was a very long list to do, please let me know if I missed any!

Thanks for reading! These Animated lists are fun to make.

Last updated: 4/6/2022

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