About Kylie

This is me.
I am a small town girl with big dreams but no time. I’m 25 years old with no clue as to what I want to be when I grow up. All I know is that I want to stay here, in SLO county. This is my home.

I grew up in SLO County/ Paso Robles, CA. I have been dancing since I was 2, and now I teach it. I work at a local studio, Artistry In Motion. My other job is at our local retail store, part-time.
One the side of those jobs, I make jewelry for my Etsy shop, Stranded by Kylie. I love making jewelry just as much as I love writing, and dancing, and even singing in my shower. Haha yea, I can sing too! I’ve even thought about trying out for The Voice recently. Why not!
I have my AA in English after attending a community college for 4 years.
I wanted to leave this town after high school but didn’t have money. So I figured I’d save up and transfer later. That all changed in June of 2013. My Nana, who has been my other parent in life besides my used-to-be-single Mom, had a hemorrhagic stroke. It has been a long battle for her. She was getting better, but sadly, she passed away in September of 2016. It’s been years without the REAL Nana I grew up with. Like me, she was a writer, reader & hard worker. She worked most of her life and had just retired before her stroke.
I’ve learned to do what I want with my life because of this woman. I can’t just sit, worry & do nothing. Life is for living on my terms, not following others all the time.
My family is my life and it is partly why I will never leave this small town. I have a little sister who is 15 years younger than me and 4 younger cousins as well as other extended family that all live here. It’s a big family who loves to go to Disneyland, travel and stay together.
This is me.
Here’s some pics….

My Cat, Alice!


My NEW kitten, Nala! 


One thought on “About Kylie

  1. Hi,Kylie,
    Till today I have read many of the about pages; but this is the one I like most; because, it is most touchy and full with emotions!
    I do understand, what you have gone through in your life at a very tender and delicate age;
    but I don’t want to sympathize with you because you are strong enough to support you as well as all your near & dear one.
    Second, at present you don’t know where life is heading to you but have a complete trust & faith on God; at appropriate time he will reveal his plan and believe me it will be much more better, beautiful & brilliant than your expectations.
    Since, it is a first day of New year; I pray to God
    “God may bring peace & prosperity; fame & fortune; health & happiness to you as well as your all near & dear one throughout the year & life”

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