Quotes for the Shape I’m In

I thought I was doing better. 

I’m getting over this cold & I notice my mind is still torn up. It doesn’t stop thinking while my body is over tired. I slept in until 11 today. I haven’t done that since 11th grade!! It’s like every time I’m sick, I feel extra lonley. Although, maybe I’m just lonley all together. Whatever the case, it’s all driving me nuts!

With all this funk, at least I still have my wits. I watch MASH to make me laugh, I play games since I’m bored. I also have read many quotes to uplift my soul. For the shape I’m in, you can say I’m getting better slowly. Here are some quotes for anyone out there who feels the same. Enjoy!

The first photo-quote was really for the girls who are sick of having to explain emotions, reasons, etc. The second one, was posted on the Orange is the New Black Instagram. It’s perfect for what I’ve delt with this last month! This next one is a Facebook post from yours truly. It’s pretty funny & true! Especially i dont know you’ve read the 50 Shades of Grey books/movie. You’ll know what I mean! 

Hope you enjoyed the photo-quotes. I know I did. It’s important to stay thinking for yourself, stay positive, and proud. We all have accomplishments. Time to start making more!

Here’s a last quote for the road, direct from Disney! My personal favorite too.

Other two quotes from Google & Facebook.

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