Back to the Happiest Place on Earth*

Im SO excited, I get to go to Disneyland this weekend to celebrate my birthday!! It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve been to what feels like my second home. 

 I love this place, can you tell? I’m super excited to see the changes in California Adventure (DCA). Apparently, part of it has been set up like Frozen! So I wouldn’t be a perfect Annual Passholder if I didn’t go see it!! Not to mention I love Frozen! Who doesn’t?! For the first time in forever, we get to see the world of Arendelle! 

 This is what all Annual Passholders recieved in the mail. This Frozen Fun in DCA is only for a limited time! I believe it ends right before the 60th Anniversary in May of this year. From the pictures I’ve seen from super Disneyland lovers on Instagram, the set up looks pretty real! This is from @disney_landia a couple weeks back… 

 I can’t wait to see it! If you have, you know how cool it is! By the way, you should totally follow this lady on Instagram. Just look them up!! They are at Disneyland all the time! I follow them because I can see Disneyland every day even though I live 4 hours away. It’s so awesome. 

Also in the mail, Disney sent Passholders an exclusive Frozen print from an upcoming artist. Here’s a look! 

 I will be sharing with you about my trip when I get back. I will include a few pictures and how I think the Frozen Fun was in DCA. I’m probably a little too excited, if you can’t tell. But I’m also excited for my birthday on Friday. I’ll be 22! Go ahead, sing the song. I know I will be! Gotta love T- Swift. You also gotta love Disneyland! 

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for the review post next week!

All pictures were from me or from Instagram: @disney_landia 

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