DIY Neon/Glow Party Shirt

Hey everyone! This is my first DIY party shirt. AND this is my first blog about anything DIY. Yes, I’m feeling pretty crafty this week! Anyways, let’s get onto the pictures & steps. 

So, this party shirt is for a neon/glow birthday bonfire for my cousin which is tonight! I wanted a cool neon shirt that wasn’t a tight, boring tank top or two. Or even the bright shorts girls tend to wear. So after searching for an already made shirt- which didn’t exist- I decided to make one. Ready? Good. Cause here we go.

Items Needed: 

  • Neon shirt- color of your choice
  • Fabric Paint (Tulip brand) 
  • Fabric paint pens (Tulip)
  • Paint brush
  • Word(s) printed out on paper in your desired font.
  • Pins 
  • Cardboard 
  • Rhinestones (Tulip adhesive brand) 
  • Tulip brand hot presser- to attach the rhinestones to shirt. 

Now most of these you can buy at Micheals, including the shirt. However, I bought mine at JCPenneys. So, to prepare, you have to cut some cardboard to the size of your shirt. Then put your shirt on the cardboard and pick out your paint color. Also, pick out the word of your choice! My word was “Shine”. You have to print out that word off your computer in your selected font. Then blow it up to 200% on a copy machine. Once you have your blown up word, your ready! 


Step 1: Pin your shirt. Put the pin on the top of where you want your word on the shirt. Like this! 

Step 2: Now, you have to decide how you want to write your word. I personally wanted it straight across. Then, I took the printed word and folded the paper to fit under the shirt. Most shirts are see-through enough to see a big print underneath it. Once it’s in place, stencil the word with a fabric pen. I picked the color closest to my shirt color. Orange!  


Step 3: Set up other designs! Before painting in the word, you have to see if you want other things on it! I wanted rhinestones on it. They will sparkle in a trippy way under a black light.  If you want to add any other artwork, add it now! And use the fabric pens. They work the best and dry fast. If you want it to glow or show up in the dark, the best colors are yellow, orange, pink or possibly green. It also depends on the color of your shirt.


I did a similar design without the words on the back too. If you want to use the thick paint, decide if you want to do that before or after filling in the word. It’s your choice! Just make sure to let the paint dry (it says 4 hours, 2 coats. It took me only 2 hours for both). Oh and I used white paint. 

Step 4: Fill in the word and let it dry!! That’s what I did and it looks great. Make sure you use a small enough paint brush too. It’s easier in all ways. You can add the thick paint anywhere you want as well! 


And there you have it!! I hope you have fun making your own!! It’s fun!  


(Sorry, the last 2 photos look extra orange because of the lighting.) 


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