Pledge to Take More Pictures 

Hi there!

I’ve decided to try to take more pictures in my life. I mean, yes, people take selfies and photos of skies, etc. I am one of those people. However, I find myself constantly thinking & wishing that I had more pictures. Pictures of anything really.  So I am making a pledge.. And here’s why… 


If you’ve been up to date with the show Pretty Little Liars, I feel like Aria does currently. People around her keep telling her to write down what happened in ‘A’s lair. She says, “I don’t wanna write about it! I’m tired of reliving everything.” Then she snaps a few random scenery shots in her room and says, “I’m focusing on the now, in picture form.” That explains a lot of how I feel. Although I do like to write about stuff too. 

I am going back to Disneyland next month for its 60th Anniversary- and I can’t wait! I told my family to remind me to take pictures of everything. I just can’t decide if I want to carry around my camera. I hate carrying too much when I’m there. I just want to take it all in and not worry about leaving something on a ride. My camera does take better photos than my iPhone. Still, I want pictures on there too. I guess I’ll take both and see how I feel each day. Maybe I should invest in a small bag or backpack. Not a purse! Lol  

 “A picture is worth a thousand words” 

A famous quote we all know. But it’s so true! There are so many photos in my life of me. I still want more of me, but I also want more of everything! Does anyone else feel this way? If not your probably already doing what I want to do! And your lucky it’s easy for you to do. Or is it…..? 

So here’s my pledge for the up upcoming trip & more of my life: 

~* I pledge to photograph more of my life. I pledge to show my feelings, scenery & life in picture form; to show it off often & share it with the world. I even vow to take more selfies- provided my hair & makeup look good. *~ 


Will you take the pledge? Share this post & comment if you will pledge or already take many more pictures than me. Maybe we can all get more photos of sunsets like this one. 

It’s all up to us. Whatever we take is what we will leave behind one day… 

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