San Diego Trip in Review

I now finally have time to write the details about my trip to San Diego last week!! And I can say for sure, it was pretty good! I’ll go in order of everything we did on the trip. It was a 5 day trip! There was one or two days that started out with shopping. 


Pageant of the Masters/ Art Festival in Laguna Beach

On Wednesday, literally after being on the road, we rushed over to this outdoor event in Laguna Beach- more like mountains of Laguna. We came to watch the Pageant of the Masters. Let me try to explain it to those of you who’s never heard of it. Basically, it is a show where they take famous works of art and/or statues and recreate them with real people! It’s amazing! These people hold still for at least 3 minutes! To watch this show is quite entertaining; wondering if they will move, trying to find the real people in it, while taking in the art work. We can’t take photos while it goes so sadly, I can’t even give you readers a peak.. All I can say is it is best to have binoculars!!

Before you go into the show, you get to walk through all kinds of local art booths. There were some amazing things to see! Like this seal statue by an artist who passed away this year..  

Someone also had this quote put up in their booth. I was immediately inspired! 

I went and saw this show for my 8th grade graduation. It was still just as amazing but with different art pieces. 
San Diego Zoo

I haven’t been to the zoo in a couple years. But it’s always great!! There were a few spots closed that plan to open up again in 2017- yes that long. Besides that, the animals were out most of the day. To top it off, there were baby animals everywhere!! I was in heaven! Like this baby monkey playing with its mom or Dad….

There was also a baby giraffe!! I love these cuties!!  

And lastly, baby leopards…  

It was also a great day to see the animals that tend to sleep or even disappear…  

Yes the pandas were up and lookin cute!! I had to take a selfie..  

Zoos are always fun. But it’s hard to deal with idiot tourist who think whistling or yelling the animals name will get its attention. Really?! I mean come on, it the lion is sleeping, let him sleep! Do you want him to spray the fence?? I didn’t think so… People need to learn. 

Segway Tour through San Diego

Have you ever heard of a Segway? It’s that two-wheeled thing that people can ride around on-if your rich enough to have one that is. They run about $6,000 and that’s for a new one. Anyways, we got to take a tour of San Diego on one! It was so cool! The leader taught us for a few minutes the basics and then we were off! I will say, it was hard to navigate at first but it got way better in a short time. It’s a small group tour that lasts about 3 hours total. And you go all over the place! 


I seriously want one of these to keep! This tour was a blast and I highly recommend it if you want to see parts of the town, fast! 

Sea World San Diego 

This was the best part of the trip of course! I hadn’t been since my Nana’s retirement trip in 2012. A lot has changed! Like the whole entrance is different! It’s like your going underwater and everything you can touch when you walk in!

All the shops around this area look similar too. We took the sky tower first to see everything from above… 

Then of course we saw tons of shows and exhibits. Like the following…..

The polar bears! I love these lazy guys… There were tons of other things we saw but don’t photograph well..


Gotta love this show… Even though it hasn’t changed since I last came. They took out all the stunts with people in it. I figure it’s due to the issue that happened a year or two ago. But come on! Let’s get over it! They are wild animals, things happen! The night show for these orcas was even better! 

 Can’t believe I got that shot! So beautiful! Here’s more with Shamu & the others… 

After this, the fireworks started. The last time I saw these here, my Nana was with me. Since her stroke none of us had come back yet. The feelings hit me after I captured the next photo…. And I couldn’t stop crying.

Yes, Nana is alive and I’m thankful but I just wish she could be herself again. I know that may never be possible but I can dream! I’m not gonna dwell into this because if I do, I’ll cry again!! 

Thanks for reading my post! It took a while to write, but it was a great trip overall. 

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