A Whole New Level of Disney Collage

Ok, check out this post that I saw from moviepilot.com, via Facebook.. http://moviepilot.com/posts/2014/12/17/can-you-paint-with-all-the-colors-of-the-disney-renaissance-2518626?lt_source=external,manual,manual

So, these collages in the link above were made by an incredibly talented Livejournal user: knightbusdriver. They put together scenes from THE BEST Disney classics and created these Renaissance color coded collages. I loved looking at all of them! That is why I had to share this. It all spans over a decade of all the movies I grew up with! People are saying that this view of these movies puts all Disney movies in a league of their own.. Which us Disney freaks already knew, right?!

Here are some screen shots of my two favorite collages knightbusdriver made. image image

Gotta love what they did! I think even Walt himself would be amazed to see how far his brand has come in over a decade. Thanks for viewing!


Screenshots from me. Disney logo from Google. Collage from Livejournal.

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