Christmas Returns? Do it later..

Merry Christmas everyone! It was a great day with the family spreading love & gifts. However, I’m dreading going to work tomorrow. Yes, it’s Christmas and I’m writing out my problems.
Again, it is really hard to grasp that I have to work tomorrow. Being it is retail, it is an “all work day” and that is simply how it goes. It’s the day after Christmas and it will not be a good day. Plus, I’m a mid shifter which always sucks. Here’s what will be happening (at least where I work): People all day will be returning items that didn’t fit or they simply didn’t like. Also, people all over the store will be jerks because of a couple reasons. Here are the scenarios:
1)I am mad that Christmas is over.
2) Why did Grandma get me the wrong size AGAIN?!
3) I didn’t want to leave the house today – this goes for us staff as well šŸ˜‰
4) Everyone is in my way. MOVE IT!
5) (man tries to cut in line) Did you see that?! He’s trying to cut. Sir, we ALL have returns just like you!!
6) I’m too tired
7) You don’t have my size. Can’t I just get the cash instead of a gift card?!
8) Do I REALLY have to stand in this line FOREVER?!!!

There you have it. Those are the tantrums we humans face on the day after Christmas & the day after Black Friday.. Haha.
A word to the wise: To avoid all the frustration tomorrow, do your returns later in the week. If you have the receipt your fine for at LEAST 30 days. If you have the gift receipt your good for 10-30 or more as well. Then it isn’t a big deal because you can do an even exchange no matter what or just get what you/your family paid for the item. At my store ( JCPenney) money from a gift receipt return goes on a gift card 9 times out of 10. The one time is if the person only spent $2.95 on your gift. Then, we can give cash. If you DO NOT have ANY receipt, you only get money on a gift card. That’s 24/7 in JCP. If you can’t handle it, just donate it or sell it in your next garage sale. It’s just store policy.

Now, I know this may come as a shock to some people but, us staff don’t want to be working the day after one of THE BEST holidays. So please, be nice to us. We try our hardest all the time, we put a smile on our face and deal with all of your problems. We too want it to still be Christmas.

Thanks for viewing! I know anyone who reads this and takes it to heart will make retail workers very happy tomorrow or even any day of the year. Today was about giving. Don’t give it all up to be Scrooge tomorrow.. šŸ˜‰

All pictures were from Google. JCPenney facts from me, an associate of JCP.

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