Blogging 101: Try a new theme…

So yesterday’s challenge (I think I’m finally caught up) was to try 3 different themes for my blog & see what I liked best.
Well I did try 2… And picked the second one… Haha

I picked the Eighties theme. However, after playing around, I wish there was a way to change the title color. The picture I put as the header makes the subtitle disappear at the end. So tonight I’ll be pulling out the laptop & trying to see if I can fix it or find a better theme. I will say though, this is much better than my original theme: twenty-fourteen.
I picked the original theme because I just wanted to get my blog going ASAP. Yes, I know, I’m pretty impatient. But I knew I could change it later. And as time has escaped from my fingertips, I have forgotten about it as well.

So after trying to fix pictures with the Eighties theme, i changed themes completely. I changed it to the Hemingway one. I love it!! Looks way more professional.

Thank god for this challenge from the Daily Post! 🙂

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