Blogging 101: Late Social Media Assignment

I’ve been getting behind on these…
I’m having a hard time because most of these last few challenges I did when I first made my blog. Or, I explored them when we had that theme challenge. Has anyone else felt that way recently? Anyways…
The newest challenge from The Daily Post is to get social media on the blog thru widgets and stuff. Now, on my blog I already have my 2 Facebook pages for my Etsy shops. I think I will add my 1 shop’s Instagram which is actually for both shops. I will not however, put my personal Facebook on there. I feel that is too much sharing. But my personal Instagram might be handy… Who knows. There’s still time to play with the idea, right?!

Here’s my shop Instagram: @StrandedbyKylie
And my personal Instagram: @kylies_lens_
Please follow both! Especially the etsy shop one, I would love more followers!!!

Have we reached the end of these challenges yet? Because I was hoping they would give us more ideas on what to write about or select topics. Maybe I’m just missing something… Oh well!
Thanks for reading!

One thought on “Blogging 101: Late Social Media Assignment

  1. We are not missing anything, I think that there are so many others that don’t know how to do so many things with wordpress blogging. It’s good to know I am not alone on being kind of bored. I will finish the blogging 101 as a promise to myself. I love your blog, and hope one day to get onto etsy.


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